About Us

About Seacraft Gallery’s passion:

Inspired by the beauty of grandiose ship and memories of unforgettable journeys floating on the sea, Seacraft Gallery was established to capture the charm of famous ships and revitalise the exciting times of your holidays with scale ship/boat models.

We are passionate about making it possible for you to bring the history, elegance and grandiosity of famous ships and boats to your home or office. A ship model is one of the most fascinating pieces of decoration for your home. Its presence can transform any room and can be a start of interesting conversation at your party.

Dedicated to providing you the best selection with your purposes, we offer a wide variety of models including tall ships, cruises, speed boats, yachts (sailboats), half-hull yacht (mounted on the wall) and display cabinet for models. In addition to our unique wooden models collection, we also carry replicas of helicopters, planes, car and motorbikes which can be an ideal and timeless gift for your loved ones.

We believe ourselves is the first and best provider of fully assembled wooden models (not a kit) in Australia. Based in Sydney, we deliver our models across Australia and New Zealand via our online streamline business platform.

How are our models built? 

The art of building model ships is sophisticated and time-consuming with several stages to finish a model. Every single of our models is entirely handcrafted from scratch, made from natural wood and most of them are fully assembled ready to display (NOT a kit). Our models are built according to scale of the original ships through extensive researching original plans and pictures, using the “plank on frame” construction method, just like the way that the original ships were constructed. Each one is created with the utmost care and attention to detail and is required hundreds of hours to complete.

We ensure the high quality at reasonable prices 

We at Seacraft Gallery proudly bring to you unique products at museum quality while being able to deliver these outstanding models at reasonable prices. As the manufacturer with extensive production, packaging, warehousing management and direct retailer to the public, we ensure our products under strict quality control and at wholesale price to our customers.

We guarantee your satisfaction with 30-day money back policy

We take great pride in our products and the sense of satisfaction it brings to people. If you are not completely satisfied with your models, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee policy. We do our best to make sure you are happy with our models.

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