All models are handmade from the beginning by skilled, experienced craftsmen. They are built according to scale from the original ships using original plans or pictures and the plank on frame construction method. The hull is built with strips of wood just like they built the original boats.  

Inside the hull, epoxy is used to allow the strips of wood to bond closely and thus avoid splitting, cracking or twisting in a broad range of climatic conditions.

You may be wondering if we can make your design to order. YES, we can custom make it for you. All you need to do is provide us with the plan and pictures of the boat taken from many angles.


To preserve our environment, we only use plantation timber such as acacia, eucalyptus similar to poplar, rubber wood and jack wood to build our models. The timber can be stained to closely resemble the more expensive original timbers; however the wood grain will show through. In the case of certain classic speed boats, we use imported mahogany to build the deck as it is in the original boat, and thus the value of the model is increased. You may notice that many models are painted in the colors of the original boat/ ship but the construction of the hull is made completely from wood.  No plastic or resin molding is used.

TALL SHIPS/ HISTORIC SHIPS: Canons, ornaments and figureheads are made from metal, and the sails are made from linen.

SPEED BOATS: Fittings, trimmings, steering wheels, switches, gauges, gear, rudder and propellers are made from brass chromed as stainless steel. Plush seats are hand-stitched from imitation leather with a large varieties of colors for your choice. The windows are made from clear plexiglass.

Which is your best model ship? 
This is a very difficult question. It varies based on your budget and the type of ship you are looking for. Our most popular ships are the HMS Victory, Sovereign of the Seas, HM Bark Endeavour primarily due to how they look and their historical significance. If you have a question about which ship is right for you, please contact our Customer Service team at 02 9709 6252.

Are all your models currently in stock? 
Yes! All of our models are in stock and ready for immediate shipping (unless otherwise noted).

Do you offer display cases for your models? 
Yes! We offer solid rosewood display cases for all of our model sailing ships. Learn more about our display cases.

How do I assemble my display case? 
Slide the glass/plexi-glass into the frame and screw the case together. No glue or caulking is needed.

What is the best way to care for my model once I receive it? 
We recommend a display case to protect your model from dirt or damage. Over time, the sails will become soiled and they will not be able to be cleaned, unless the ship is re-rigged. To clean off the deck, we recommend carefully using a can of compressed air to blow away dust particles

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