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Ferrari Hydroplane Model Boat 1954 (75cm)

Ferrari Hydroplane Model Boat 1954 (75cm)
Ferrari Hydroplane Model Boat 1954 (75cm) Ferrari Hydroplane Model Boat 1954 (75cm) Ferrari Hydroplane Model Boat 1954 (75cm) Ferrari Hydroplane Model Boat 1954 (75cm) Ferrari Hydroplane Model Boat 1954 (75cm) Ferrari Hydroplane Model Boat 1954 (75cm) Ferrari Hydroplane Model Boat 1954 (75cm)
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The name Ferrari is synonymous with class, quality and the highest of European standards. Feel as if you’re speeding across the water with the wind in your hair with this powerboat model of a stylistic Ferrari speed boat. This model was built by skillful and experienced craftsmen, hundreds of hours required finishing at museum-quality level. They are built according to scale of the original of the fast and powerful Ferrari Hydroplanes racing boats. We used the plank on frame construction method, just the way that the original boats were constructed.

Highlights about the Ferrari Hydroplanes speed boat model

  • Dimensions are: 75cmL x 32cmW x 22cmH  Scale 1:8
  • Entirely handcrafted, fully assembled and ready to display
  • Individual wooden planks used in hull construction
  • Highly polished smooth finish, many layers of paint and varnish applied. Each layer is left to dry and micro sanded before another layer is applied
  • Brass & stainless steel fittings, no plastic parts
  • Amazing details accurate to actual Ferrari hydroplane racing boats:
  • Plush leather seats
  • Metal propellers, steering wheel and horns
  • Realistic gauges and switches on dash are not a sticker or decal
  • Meticulously painted to match real Ferrari hydroplanes
  • Sturdy wooden base attached


In 1953, a wealthy boat privateer named Achille Castoldi was determined to set world speed record on water.  He commissioned an 800kg-class three-point hydroplane hull.  For the engine, he turned to the new up and comers of the auto racing scene – Scuderia Ferrari.

Ferrari supplied Castoldi with a type 375 V-12 Grand Prix engine that displaced 4494cc, making 385 brake horse power. This engine could spin the hydroplane's twin bladed propeller at 10,000 rpm!!

At the January 1953 Campione d’Italia races,  prior to the official two-way run, Castoldi piloted his Arno XI to an unofficial top speed in excess of 124mph during the shakedown testing. However, his rival, Mario Verga achieved a speed record of 125.68mph. Two weeks later, Mario Verga surpassed his own record with a two-way top speed of 140.74mph.

In preparation for breaking Verga’s new record, Castoldi had a new engine built. Arno XI’s new methanol burning, twin supercharged 4.5L Ferrari power plant produced 600 brake horse power.

Ferrari sent Stefano Meazza, the chief race engineer, to help prepare the new supercharged engine.  Grand Prix champion Alberto Ascari showed support by attending the event.  On the morning of October 15, 1953, Achille Castoldi succeeded in smashing the 800kg class speed record with an average “flying kilometer” two-way speed of 150.49 mph.  He followed up the performance later that day by setting another record in the “24 nautical miles” event.



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