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    RMS Titanic 100cm

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    First Fleet ships | HMS Sirius model ship 75cm

    HMS Sirius 75cm – Flagship of the First Fleet

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    HMS Endeavour Wooden Ship Model for Sale - 95cm | Seacraft Gallery

    HMB Endeavour 95cm Painted – James Cook ship

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  • RMS Titanic 80cm

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Throughout the long and rich history of Australia, maritime travel has ben a major part of history. Ships and boats have brought people and to and from this island for many years, and it’s for that reason that Australia has such a rich history with ships, boats, and other forms of naval travel. It’s home to many millions of boats, both vintage and modern, and it’s home to many of the world’s finest marinas.

At Seacraft Gallery, we are proud to help represent the maritime past, present, and future of Australia. To do this, we look to celebrate the rich history of ships in Australia with a rich and varied collection of beautiful ships from across the world. From ancient Australian vessels to ships from similar time periods, we look to cover ships from all around the world in the most particular and specific fashion.

We offer free shipping on orders over $150.00 and a 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. All models must pass a 10 point quality control inspection before we ship it to you from Sydney warehouse, and all shipped items are guaranteed to arrive safely in professional packaging.

Need something specific? Then let us know. The team at Seacraft Gallery can build bespoke models of ships; just let us know what you are looking for, and we can try to make it so.

The team at Seacraft Gallery – Sydney Australia

Australis – SS America: The Migrant Ship in Australian History

Posted in Historical Ships on 12/11/2021
As one of the most important parts of Australian history stems from naval trips, many ships have played a role in making Australia the nation that it is today. There have been a great many moments in Australian history that have led to the multicultural melting pot that makes up this incredible nation today. Part of that history comes from the SS America, or what became known as the Australis. For the purposes of understanding,…

The fascinating migration history of Australia – Australian History

Posted in Historical Ships on 20/07/2021
As one of the most interesting countries in the developed world today, Australia holds a very unique culture and history. This is a nation that has gone through exceptional challenges to get to where it is today. The history of Australia is an odd one, and quite different from that of many nations with the kind of culture and power they hold today. However, the early days of Australian development might shock you as you…
the Battle of Trafalgar

The Battle of Trafalgar – Summary, Facts and Significant – European History

Posted in Historical Ships on 15/06/2021
While war is never a good thing, many wars in history have been fought with major significance on the rest of the world. And while today many conflicts are more regionalised, they do have the tendency to spill over into other parts of the world. Some battles, though, have a habit of sticking around in history for centuries. One such battle is that Battle of Trafalgar. This famous battle took place on the 21st October…

Old Ironsides: Eagle of the Sea: The Story of the USS Constitution

Posted in Historical Ships on 02/05/2021
As one of the most famous ships of all-time, the USS Constitution is a ship that has played a key role in the development of the world that we know today. Known by many affectionately as Old Ironsides, the ship played a key role in the development of the modern United States of America. It was renowned in history for its valour and its effort in helping to make the U.S. Navy the force of…