Corporate Gifts

It’s not uncommon to see wooden model ships in offices and meeting rooms, as they are said to bring prosperity and good luck wherever they go! If you are looking for a truly breathtaking corporate gift to hand over, it often has to be meaning something. The odd branded company stationary set won’t do. When you want to let someone know just how much you value their presence and business, though, a handmade model boat could be just the place for you to start with.

A manicured wooden ship model would be a unique, enjoyable addition to the corporate gift collection. They aren’t just stylish and aesthetically pleasing: they represent an important part in human history. A ship is a fantastic symbol of a journey that is about to begin, too; that’s why so many people love using our wooden ships as impressive gifts.

Easy to customize and adjust, too, our handcrafted wooden models will make sure you can emblazon them with your company name, or even just a heartfelt message of thanks to the recipient. Simply let us know what you want to say, and our team at Seacraft Gallery will make sure your produce arrives with precision, care, and professionalism. Just some of the people we provide our corporate gifts to include:

  1. Museums
  2. Real Estate Developers
  3. Real Estate Agents
  4. Interior Design Companies
  5. Boat Builders and Marine Supplies
  6. Yacht and Boat Clubs
  7. Retirement Villages
  8. Restaurants / Hospitality

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