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Cutty Sark 85cm – Free shipping

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Designed to expand trade across the seas, the Cutty Sark ship were fast and capable of long journeys. With a fascinating history and scintillating name, this stunning replica makes a fabulous addition to any room or office. Enjoy the classic nautical style and place this wooden model as a great gift or as a special decoration in your house.

Features of this Cutty Sark model ship:

  • Overall dimensions of the model are 85cm L x 19cm W x 68cm H 1:76 Scale 
  • This model is fully assembled and ready to display (NOT a kit)
  • Entirely hand built by using individual wooden planks in hull construction
  • We use the high quality wood in constructing and ensuring the model will withstand with climate change.
  • Anchors and decorative fixtures and intricate details are sculpted of metal
  • Sails are handmade with fine linen and rigging lines that vary in texture
  • This replica is built according to scale through original plans and pictures.
  • The model comes with a solid wood base with metal name plate and a laminated sheet of the Cutty Sark’s history.


She was designed by Hercules Linton and built in 1869 at Dumbarton, Scotland, by the firm of Scott & Linton, for Captain John “Jock” “White Hat” Willis; Scott & Linton was liquidated, and she was launched November 22 of that year by William Denny & Brothers.

Cutty Sark was destined for the tea trade, then an intensely competitive race across the globe from China to London, with immense profits to the ship to arrive with the first tea of the year. However, she did not distinguish herself; in the most famous race, against Thermopylae in 1872, both ships left Shanghai together on June 18, but two weeks later Cutty Sark lost her rudder after passing through the Sunda Strait, and arrived in London on October 18, a week after Thermopylae, a total passage of 122 days. Her legendary reputation is supported by the fact that her captain chose to continue this race with an improvised rudder instead of putting into port for a replacement, yet was only beaten by one week.

Under the respected Captain Richard Woodget, she did very well, posting Australia-to-Britain times of as little as 67 days. Her best run, 360 nautical miles (666 km) in 24 hours (an average 15kt, 27.75 km/h), was said to have been the fastest of any ship of her size.

In 1895 Willis sold her to the Portuguese firm Ferreira and she was renamed Ferreira after the firm, although her crews referred to her as Pequena Camisola (“little shirt”, a straight translation of the Scots “cutty sark”). In 1916 she was dismasted off the Cape of Good Hope, sold, re-rigged in Cape Town as a barquentine, and renamed Maria do Amparo. In 1922 she was bought by Captain Wilfred Dowman, who restored her to her original appearance and used her as a stationary training ship. In 1954 she was moved to a custom-built dry-dock at Greenwich.


    3 reviews for Cutty Sark 85cm – Free shipping

    1. Rated 5 out of 5

      Louis Houbert

      Beautiful ship looks good in my lounge room and thanks for the speedy delivery.

    2. Rated 5 out of 5

      James Manly

      Great service and beautiful boat! Was happy with the whole experience!

    3. Rated 5 out of 5

      Channa de Silva

      Hi Tim,
      The package arrived without any issues and we are thrilled with it. Great workmanship and detail! Keep up the good work.

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