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Drakkar Viking Model Boat


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Viking longships might not be a ship that many people have fond memories of, given their destructive use across history. However, few can deny that the (in)famous Viking boats of the era, including the famous Drakkar, were ships to be revered. Their unique and intricate carvings help to add an aesthetic beauty to the entire boat.

Looking at this Drakkar Viking model boat, you can see why these were once both feared by warriors and loved by sailors. Each of our Viking model ships will come with a rich finish, from the ornate wooden carvings to the designs that capture creatures of mythology from so many parts of the world. Now, you can strike pride – or fear – into your entire meeting room or living room with the help of a dragon-infused Drakkar Viking model boats.

Key Features

  • Overall dimensions: 60 x 20 x 45cm
  • An attentive recreation of a Viking longboat, built from timber for the classic look
  • All of the individual strips are made for the deck and hull by hand, glued together.
  • Ornate dragon-themed designs are built all across the prow of the ship.
  • Alongside the detailed figurehead, this comes with a wooden mast and hardwood fitting
  • Extra features such as oars and sails are included to help fill out the deck of the ship.
  • The sail, made from linen, is fold down for secure transit with easy setup and minimal assembly of the mast needed.

The History of the Drakkar

For years, the Viking longboat era was seen as one of the finest in European-based naval warfare. From a construction point of view, their ornate designs matched with the durable solidity of these boats made ships like the Drakkar stand out like never before. This longship, used by the Vikings, carried the head of a dragon/serpent on the front, and would be used to strike fear into the enemy long before the Vikings would even land on shore.

Providing the Vikings with dominance over land and sea from AD800-1100, the Vikings took over and formed what is now commonly known as the Viking Age. Their powerful transports acted as steeds of sorts, allowing them to transport and move their men around the continent with ease. Ships like the Drakkar would have been used to pillage, raid, and conquer like never before. This long, narrow ship is one that immediately stands out thanks to its shallow hull. This would allow for navigation in waters only 1m deep, allowing for the Vikings to access areas that their predecessors would have simply found too narrow. The use of oak on the hull helps to make sure it was strong enough to handle these tight, narrow locations. This also aided the ship in improving its overall mobility, allowing it to turn and reverse in a fraction of the normal time that this would take. All without turning around. The massive oars allow you to have a ship that would have space for a rowing team to move the ship, while the warriors prepared to embark on the land and take over. Capable of speeds as high as 15 knots, these were manpowered machines of war that would have allowed the Vikings to take over just about any location with ease. Their power and the incredible power of those who were aboard, then, made ships such as the Drakkar a fine example of why the Vikings are now easily seen as one of the most feared people ever to have sailed the seas of Europe.



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