HMS Pitt Model Ship
HMS Pitt Model Ship HMS Pitt Model Ship HMS Pitt Model Ship HMS Pitt Model Ship HMS Pitt Model Ship HMS Pitt Model Ship HMS Pitt Model Ship HMS Pitt Model Ship

Pitt 85cm – British Convict Ship arrived NSW 1792 (Sold out)

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While the history of convict ships is one that can show humanity in a rather challenging light, it is a fact that they happened. Over the years, various convict ships were used to take prisoners from parts of the Commonwealth to new areas, especially Australia. One ship that was a common part of this was The Pitt. The Pitt was a convict ship that arrived in New South Wales with a female prisoner base, arriving after the Albemarle in September 1791. Though its existence might be seen by some as a sign of less honourable times, the ship itself is a vital part of history.
If you would like to own a replica model of the Pitt, then our new-build replica should be just what you are looking for when you want a scale-size model of this famous ship.

Key features of the HMS Pitt model ship

  • Made using outstanding, premium wood to make these HMS Pitt wooden ship models – limited quantity only
  • Designed at 85 x 20 x 78cm, fully assembly and ready to display on arrival
  • Built by hand, using individual wooden planks during hull construction for realism
  • Meticulously painted to accurately match the actual HMS Pitt ship
  • All equipment, including cannons, muskets and anchor are all made from metal
  • Lattice grates, rudder chains, wooden ladders and also new planked steps included
  • Built using plans and imagery of the ship for the closest, most realistic finish
  • Comes with a sturdy wooden base, perfect for putting your ship model on display
  • A history certificate of the HMS Pitt ship included.

A perfect way to showcase your valuable HMS Pitt model ship is with a hardwood & perspex display cabinet specially designed for tall ship models.

The history of the Pitt

The Pelican, as it was once known, was a ship designed with great ambitions. It came to be as Sir Francis Drake wishes to take on a global expedition, passing around South America to find what came after. Sponsored in part by the royal crown, Drake and co. were expected to learn more about the world and put a thorn in the side of the Spaniards. The ship played an important role as naval travel changed, moving from the carrack range of ships to the galleon. With 22 guns equipped, the ship set sail to take control of the seas and ensure British dominance of the waters – and the world. From famous captures of the Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion, to winning great battles, the ship more than served its purpose: to help Britain expand its influence and scale across the world.

As the ship attributed to the great Sir Francis Drake, The Golden Hind was a major part of global exploration. For its time, it was one of the foremost important ships for discovery of a world of which we knew little about. In 1577, Drake was selected to be the head of the world circumnavigation expedition. It was during this expedition that The Golden Hind set off, accompanies by four other ships. They set off in the same year, and the voyage took around three years. With his group of ships, they sailed across the Atlantic Ocean before reaching South America, via the Straits of Magellan and also the Pacific Ocean. They even passed through locations as diverse as California, the Philippines and even the Cape of Good Hope, via Sierra Leone. Returning to England in 1580 with The Golden Hind, this was the only ship of the expedition that actually managed to make it home.

Upon his return Queen Elizabeth I bestowed the honor of “Sir” upon Francis Drake, in 1581. The ship was then kept in honor of the achievement down in Deptford, London. There, it stayed for the best part of a century before it slowly but surely started to suffer from rot. It was also the first ship to be stored in a museum – a ‘museum ship’ – in the world. While the old ship and the real thing no longer exists, a model ship and a replica of The Golden Hind can be found in London. Today, parts of the ship, such as chairs and tables, were made using the wood from the Golden Hind. Two replicas also exist, one in 1947 and one in 1988. Another replica exists within London, which was launched in 1973. It was an actual full-size rebuild of the ship, though, and was used for actual naval travel. Today, it can be fond at the St. Marie Overie Dock, London.



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