Riva Gucci (Silver) model boat
Riva Gucci (Silver) model boat Riva Gucci (Silver) model boat Riva Gucci (Silver) model boat Riva Gucci (Silver) model boat Riva Gucci (Silver) model boat Riva Gucci (Silver) model boat Riva Gucci (Silver) model boat Riva Gucci (Silver) model boat Riva Gucci (Silver) model boat

Riva Aquariva Gucci 40cm – Silver


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Looking for the perfect item to add to your boat collection? Then take a look at our replica of the famous Riva Aquariva Gucci speedboat. This boat is a collaboration project among some of the biggest names in the Italian nautical and fashion industries, creating a truly fantastic end result. Now, you could get your hands on a fantastic remake of the boat itself.

Hand-crafted by our team with the utmost attention to detail, this speedboat looks excellent when used as part of a collection or even as a standalone item to help decorate a room, office, or anywhere else you might choose to include this masterpiece.

Key features of the Riva Aquariva Gucci model boats:

  • 1:25 scale, 40cm x 12cm x 14cm replica remake of the Riva Aquariva Gucci speedboat.
  • Entirely made from scratch using handcrafted techniques and piece-by-piece assembly.
  • Highly polished finished, with individual wooden planks used for utmost authenticity.
  • Professional paint job and varnish applied for a highly colourful end result.
  • Matches the real boat with brass and stainless steel fittings – no plastic used.
  • Interior items such as leather seats, steering wheels, and Italian national flag included.
  • Wooden base for easy storage and display whenever you might wish to do so.
  • Ready to display upon arrival – comes with everything needed to be displayed immediately.

Boat History

The Riva Aquariva Gucci is a deeply interesting boat; a vehicle that has become a signal of what Italian collaboration can bring. The boat was a collaboration that begun in 2010, when giants Gucci and Riva combined together for a join project. Working alongside the Officinal Italiana Office, they designed a boat that would be a successor to the hugely successful 2000 release of the previous Aquariva boat. This boat was designed and then dubbed Aquariva by Gucci, and it immediately caught the love and attention of the crowds.

The boat itself became a unique and interesting part of Italian boat designed. The model itself was customised and worked on by the Creative Director of Gucci, Frida Giannini. Collaborating together, the end result was two of the most prestigious names in Italian design coming together to work as one to create something truly miraculous. The boat itself is aimed at celebrating the ear of La Dolce Vita; a time when glamour and eloquence was part of our day-to-day lives. The boat took on the characteristics of the lifestyle of the era it’s based on, and you can see that energy and flow shining through every last piece of the boat. This realistic replica of one of the most interesting speedboats of the last decade would certainly help you to fill out your collection. With this speedboat, you would be investing in a truly remarkable piece of modern Italian sea history.



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