Custom Models

Over time, even the best boats will be consigned to history. With a model ship from Seacraft Gallery, though, such problems can become a thing of the past. Your model will last forever, bringing a smile to your face every time that you happen to lay eyes upon this model. Commissioning a model ship to be created of your most beloved boat will help you to be left with a perfect, lasting image of the ship that you love. It becomes a memento that you can hold onto forever.

Throughout human history, many impressive vessels have sailed the seas of our planet. At Seacraft Gallery, we look to represent as many of the special names that have made history and left a legacy on the seas they have sailed. We believe that it’s so important to capture the history of our species as it sailed the seas, and that means representing as many ships as we can. However, sometimes, you might have a ship in mind we do not presently make. If you cannot find you ship or boat model, we can commission a custom model for you.

  • Whatever your requests or requirements are, our team will be here to meet them. We can create a replica of just about any vessel, as your desired scale and size.
  • Your custom ship model would be built from scratch with plank-on-frame construction method, with precision and care paid to its shape, size, and style. It will retain accuracy to the photos, drawings, plans, and media that exists to do with your boat.
  • We can custom build almost every vessel and at any size. The model will arrive fully assembled and ready to be displayed.
  • Materials: Natural wood; decorative fitting material include wood, copper, chromed bass, and fabric for sails. No plastic will be used in the creation of your model. Every boat is built using the quality of materials, custom-made to suit your purpose.
  • Complete time: The completion time for a project will be dependent on numerous factors. On average, we take from 3 to 6 months depend on the complexity of the model.
  • In terms of the cost and creation, the price quotation will be advised based on your requirements.

Interested? Then let us create the boat replica of your dreams. Let us capture every last piece of information and design detail that makes your ship so unique, and let us build the replica that reminds you of the boat you love so much every time you look at it.

Contact us today with your request for an estimated cost!

Trumpy Star Motor Model Yacht

Custom model for a client in the US, completed June 2019.

HMS Sirius 1.2m – The First Fleet of Australia

HMS Sirius 1.2m is the custom model we built for a corporate client in Sydney. It took 4 months to have the model completed and express shipped by air to arrive Sydney for an event on 8 December 2018. The model is handcrafted 100% from high quality timber from scratch and all sculptures were especially made for the model only.