Model Ships

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When it comes to wooden model ships, you want a wooden ship replica which will encapsulate the history, romance, and sense of adventure associated with sailing the seven seas. Ships of all shapes and sizes have fascinated people for centuries, whether they may be a traditionally-rigged sailing vessel or an elegant yacht. Ships are one of mankind’s most primitive forms of transport, representing our ability to conquer nature and rule the world as the most intelligent species on Earth.

Seacraft Gallery is proud to bring these historic ships to life with our sailing ship models, scale model ships, wooden ship replicas and other wooden model ships. Whether it’s the HMS Endeavour, which allowed James Cook to discover Australia in 1769, or the HMS Victory which led the British Navy in 1759, our wooden model ships can tickle your historical and nautical fancy. Our scale model ships bring out the child (or the sailor) in everyone!

Seacraft Gallery has a wide selection of wooden ship replicas and scale model ships, so why not browse our collection and find a sailing ship model which is right for you?