About Us Seacraft Gallery

Throughout the history of Australia, ships and boats have played a huge role in the development of the nation. Home to millions of boats, classic and modern, Australia is home to many marinas. These all help to showcase the rich history between life at sea and life on land that is such a fundamental part of Australia. Seacraft Gallery, then, looks to celebrate and respect all parts of Australian maritime history.

Ever since the First Fleet of ships from Britain arrived in 1788, Australia has undergone incredible change. Today, that change still makes ample space and time for ships, boats and other forms of maritime travel. Even as Australia has grown to be a major player, it’s never forgotten its love of boats.

Through intricate and immersive wooden model ships, we look to mark that lifestyle and history of Australia and beyond. So, join us to celebrate a world built on exploration, traversing the seas to find new opportunities for us all. Australia is a nation built on discovery and exploration, after all.

Our Story

Formed in 2010 in Sydney NSW, Seacraft Gallery has become the go-to place for those in need of handmade wooden ships. Through our workshops, we have a team of skilled craftsmen to design and build fully assembled wooden model ships.

Our team at Seacraft Gallery has one simple aim: to deliver superbly crafted, handmade wooden model boats and historically accurate wooden model ships. All models arrive ready to be displayed, so you don’t have to deal with any assembly (except the masts-down yacht models). With rich historical backstories on every model, you can ensure each model is uniquely detailed and intricately prepared. This allows for your new model ship to arrive and immediately get on display, with pride of place in your office.

Whether you use our wooden models to decorate a boardroom or to give someone a meaningful memento, you’ll find model boats for any purpose. Our ship and boat replicas are suitable for everyone from naval hobbyists to corporate business directors looking for inspiration. Filling your board room and meeting rooms with high quality model ships can make all the difference. They help to showcase an appearance of intellectualism and togetherness. This is why, for many in Australia and beyond, our model wooden ships are the perfect finishing touch.

Alongside putting in the effort to ensure every wooden model ship is pristine, we also want to make sure you have a totally satisfying experience.

Our Promises

  • The delivery of a valuable wooden ship model. Every single model is hand crafted from wood with high attention to detail and the specific marks that make every ship feel truly unique.
  • The delivery of a ship, ready to display. All of model ships & model boats are fully assembled and ready to display. These are not a kit to be assembled. The yacht models are packed with masts put down.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail. The models are constructed to scale and follow real-life plans for plank-on-frame construction method of using strips of wood – just as its actual counterpart was built.
  • A finely detailed, closely prepared model. Details of the models are house-made meticulously, wooden or metal (no plastic). This helps to make each model as accurate as possible.
  • A model which has a long life-span. Thanks to the use environment-friendly timber with multiple time-consuming stages of process, we ensure each model is built to last.
  • Hassle free set-up. Each model ship and boat comes in secured packaging within a wooden crate or custom foam. Stored within a carton box to make sure it is safe for Australia and worldwide shipping.
  • Guarantee of excellence. All models undergo full inspection, with a 10 point quality control system ensuring each model arrives in good condition. We guarantee your satisfaction with a no-fuss 30-day money back policy.
  • Fast shipping. Each of our models are kept in our Sydney warehouse and express delivery to metro areas within 1-3 days.
  • High value and prompt delivery. Also, we provide free express shipping Australia-wide with orders from $150 or above.

Sound like the ideal place to buy your model ships from? Then take a look at our models today. You’ll be sure to find the perfect choice for your own boardroom, office or study. With so many unique ships from across Australian and global history to choose from, something will catch your eye!

Got a question for us? Then contact the Seacraft Gallery team today. We will be more than happy to assist you in any way that we can.