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Sport boats are, without doubt, some of the most stunning forms of transport known to modern man. They are powerful, stylish, sleek, and arrive with a truly modern air that makes them so easy to love. However, they are not just excellent boats: they make tremendous decorations, too. Thanks to our wonderful range of boat model replicas, you can pick up some high end décor for your home, your office, or your marina. They even make brilliant gifts for anyone in your life who has a love of travelling, or who owns a boat themselves.

The world of speed boats and model boats are incredibly popular among collectors, as they represent some of the most interesting steps forward in boating technology.

All of our model speed boats are designed with the utmost attention to detail and care. This leaves you with a range of hugely enjoyable models to pick from, each one perfectly representing the various speed boats that we see riding the waves of the world.

  • Riva Ariston model boat

    Riva Ariston 50cm

    From: $499.00
  • Riva Lamborghini model boats for sale 70cm | Seacraft Gallery - Sydney

    Riva Lamborghini 70cm

  • Sale!
    Riva Aquariva Gucci 70cm Model Boat | Model Boats for Sale Australia

    Riva Aquariva Gucci 70cm

  • Sale!
  • Sale!