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Wooden cruise ship models allow you to replicate the experience of a cruise ship on a miniature level. Many people are familiar with cruise ships, having travelled on them, and will be fascinated by their luxurious style and amenities. This makes cruise ships the apple of many nautical enthusiasts’ eye – the perfect example of mankind’s bare engineering ability and brilliance.

Seacraft Gallery now has a wide range of model cruise ships which perfectly capture this sense of nostalgia and awe. Our robust holiday ship replicas perfectly represent these grand ocean liners of both present-day and yesteryear. Whether it be the Queen Mary II or the legendary RMS Titanic, our wooden cruise ship models celebrate the pure opulence and elegance of these grand-scale luxury cruise liners.

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    RMS Titanic 80cm

    From: $449.00
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    RMS Titanic model with lights 2023

    RMS Titanic 80cm with lights

    From: $629.00
  • Buy Queen Mary 2 Cruise Ship Model with Lights – 80cm | Seacraft Gallery

    RMS Queen Mary II 80cm with Lights

    From: $639.00
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    Queen Elizabeth lights cruise model

    Queen Elizabeth II 80cm with lights

    From: $619.00
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    SS Oriana model cruise

    SS Oriana 86cm with lights – The Queen of the Sea

    From: $1,390.00
  • SS Australis Ocean Liner Handmade Wooden Ship Model

    SS Australis 86cm with lights

    From: $1,290.00
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