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Blackhawk UH-60 helicopter (Large)


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Perhaps one of the most famous helicopter models ever flown, we offer you an authentic wooden replica of the famous Blackhawk UH-60 helicopter, featuring meticulous historically-accurate detailing. This mahogany model is hand-carved by skilled craftspeople, not constructed from a pre-existing kit. In order to accurately depict the true impressiveness of a Blackhawk helicopter, we use several coats of lacquer after sanding and priming the model carefully. This ensures an impressive and glossy finish which mimics a real Blackhawk UH-60 and looks great in any display case!

This wooden helicopter model requires quick and easy assembly from large pieces which our team create. Pieces of the wooden helicopter model will be safely packaged and sent to you, meaning you’ll have to easily reassemble the model at its final destination. When it comes to wooden helicopter models, it doesn’t get much more impressive than a Blackhawk UH-60 helicopter model!

Dimensions:  42cm Rotor, 48cm Length, 13cm Width, 17cm Height. Features: The realistic rotary blades rotate and the wheels turn too.



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