Tugboat Cheryl Ann Model 53cm | Model Boats for Sale Australia
Tugboat Cheryl Ann Model 53cm | Model Boats for Sale Australia Cheryl Ann tugboat model Cheryl Ann tugboat model Cheryl Ann tugboat model Tugboat Cheryl Ann Model 53cm | Model Boats for Sale Australia Model Boats for Sale Australia Cheryl Ann tugboat model Tugboat Cheryl Ann Model 53cm | Model Boats for Sale Australia Cheryl Ann tugboat model

Cheryl Ann Tugboat 53cm (Sold out)

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Some of the best boats in written history are not real. Many of the finest stories to do with boats and vessels are built around boats that never actually took to the real world seas. Still, storytelling is a rich and powerful medium, and many great tales have been told aboard ships that never actually existed. No finer example of this can be found than by looking at the Tugboat Cheryl Ann. This amazing little boat is one of the best children’s story lines out there, with early readers growing up hearing about this special little tug boat.

Now, you could own your own version of this piece of written history. Our replica model of the famous boat itself could be just what you need. Impress both those who grew up reading these stories and impressionable children alike by showing them the gorgeous nature of Cheryl Ann up-close and personal.

Key features of the Tugboat Cheryl Ann model boats:

  • 53cmL x 17cmW x 27cmH replica of the Cheryl Ann.
  • Entirely made from scratch using handcrafted techniques and piece-by-piece assembly.
  • Highly polished finished, with individual wooden planks used for utmost authenticity.
  • Professional paint job and varnish applied for a highly colourful end result.
  • Wooden base for easy storage and display whenever you might wish to do so.
  • Ready to display upon arrival – comes with everything needed to be displayed immediately.

About the Tugboat Cheryl Ann

The boat itself is taken from the famous boat from the 1950s TV series Waterfront. The TV showed starred Preston Foster as the tug captain of the Cheryl Ann. Much of the writing of the TV show itself took place at the Los Angeles Harbour. However, the children’s book series is a bit different, based on a much more child-like experience something akin to something like Thomas the Tank Engine.

In this series, Cheryl Ann takes on many adventures and classical moments across the sea. It resides within the Bay of Tranquillity, dealing with all manner of jobs and tasks along the way. However, as avid readers will know, even such a calming and enjoyable place to live can be filled with surprises. The various books see average work days turn into mysteries, puzzle solving, and the meeting and discovery of new friends along the way.

Indeed, one of the most popular tales revolves around Cheryl Ann heading off to follow a distant twinkle of light. As she does so, she eventually meets up with Done Right. Done Right has many interesting tales to tell of this part of the Bay, giving Cheryl a new adventure to undergo and a new task to overcome.

There is much to enjoy about these stories, written with a light-hearted and kind perspective. It also provides, for many, the ideal way for parents to teach their children about life at sea and what it could realistically be like.

The series itself is developed by Robert H. Ellenberg, who was in fact not inspired by the old TV show. Speaking to a friend named Cheryl Ann, Ellenberg put his three decades of engineering passion and expertise together into an exciting storybook collection.

Inspired by the conversations and the stories shared by both individuals, the tugboat Cheryl Ann is the culmination of a host of outstanding stories, incredible moments, and experiences that can be translated into exciting storylines. The end result is a children’s book series that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, with real stories and messages passed on through the medium of a highly entertaining tugboat.

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