Endeavour half hull models 2021
Endeavour half hull models 2021 Endeavour half hull models 2021 Endeavour half hull models 2021 (2) Endeavour half hull models 2021 Endeavour half hull models 2021

Endeavour Yacht Half-hull 90cm

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This Endeavour half-hull yacht hangs on the wall and takes up little space. This collectible nautical works of art will be an ideal gift for your friends or a timeless decorative piece in your home. The model was hand crafted from tropical hardwood and used the traditional plank on bulkhead method. After the bulkheads are laid and the hull lines trued, the hull is planked with individual wooden strips to form a smooth silhouette. The model is then sanded, hand painted and varnished to a mirror-like finish. The half hull is then mounted on a ready to hang black wooden plaque, with an engraved brass nameplate.

Endeavour painted Half-Hull models are built exactly to scale as the original one. The task required skillful craftsmen hundreds of hours to accomplish.

Highlights about this half-hull yacht:

  • Entirely hand built by using individual wooden planks in hull construction
  • We use the high quality wood in constructing and ensuring the model will withstand climate change.
  • Meticulously painted to match up with the imagery and colour scheme of the actual Endeavour sailboat.
  • This half-hull yacht is attached on a sturdy wooden base with metal nameplate.
  • All Endeavour models undergo full inspection, with a 10 point quality control system ensuring each model arrives in good condition. For packaging, each model is placed in a safe and secure PVC foam solution, outside is a heavy duty carton box, helping to keep everything safe and secure inside.

Dimensions:  92cm Length, 12cm Width, 30cm Height.


The J-class yachts are beloved symbols of extravagance from a bygone age, each designed and financed by a unique personality to compete in The America’s Cup. Looking back, we are left to wonder at the priorities of the people involved; how could they justify to themselves the expenditure required for a boat race during the height of the Great Depression Not to mention, these millionaires would rarely even leave themselves with a souvenir of this ultimate luxury; most J-class yachts were sold for scrap following the race.

Today, we are left to marvel at the extraordinary series of events that was The America’s Cup from 1930-’37. After the suspension of racing during World War II, its resumption in ‘58 featured smaller yachts, undoubtedly more affordable to field. This makes any surviving J-class yacht to be a rare, valuable historical artifact – exactly what the Endeavour is. When it was constructed, The Endeavour was extraordinary for its design and technological innovation, and it remains so for being one of the only America’s Cup J-class yachts still intact.


4 reviews for Endeavour Yacht Half-hull 90cm

  1. Lisa Deppeler

    Really happy with my purchase. Great value and quality. Thankyou!

  2. Christian Ecke

    Outstanding quality, fully compliant

  3. Amanda Cattell

    I bought the Endeavour half-hull for Father’s Day for my husband. The craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful, my husband loves it.

  4. Marino Evangelisti

    Great item, highly recommended 5 star!!

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