HMS Victory painted model ship
HMS Victory painted model ship HMS Victory 95cm Model Ship 2022 HMS Victory 95cm Model Ship 2022 HMS Victory 95cm Model Ship 2022 HMS Victory 95cm Model Ship 2022 HMS Victory 95cm Model Ship 2022 HMS Victory 95cm Model Ship 2022 HMS Victory 95cm Model Ship 2022 HMS Victory 95cm Model Ship 2022 (14) HMS Victory 95cm Model Ship 2022 HMS Victory 95cm Model Ship 2022 HMS Victory 95cm Model Ship 2022

HMS Victory 95cm Painted – Extremely Detailed

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For centuries, the Royal Navy has been both respected and feared – thanks, in no small part, to ships like the HMS Victory. As the oldest commissioned warship and the most famous tall ship that the Royal Navy ever had, the HMS Victory made more than its mark on history. Our new model ship of the HMS Victory leaves you with your own wooden representation of the ship which turned the tide at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

You can add this new HMS Victory model ship to your collection, showcasing the impressive nature of the ship to fellow fans of naval history, or simply fans of model ships. A must-have for anyone who appreciates stunning artwork, and who has a love of the history of the Royal Navy. This is one of our most popular ship models with good reason: it’s a fantastic take on one of the most important warships of its, or any era.

Key features of the 95cm painted HMS Victory model: 

  • Dimensional Grandeur: Impressive at 95cm in length, 20cm in width, and 78cm in height, this model meticulously replicates the majestic HMS Victory at a 1:72 scale.
  • Authentic Design: Crafted with precision according to the authentic plans of the HMS Victory, ensuring a faithful reproduction that captures the essence of this historic vessel.
  • Artisanal Construction: Meticulously hand-built, the model exemplifies unparalleled attention to detail, showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship that defined the HMS Victory. We use only top-quality timber and metals, excluding plastic, to emphasize durability and authenticity.
  • Intricate Detailing: Gun ports are expertly cut directly into the hull, not superficially attached. The model includes lattice grates, rudder chains, wooden ladders, lifeboats with oars, and all decorative details, such as cannons, anchors, and linings, meticulously sculpted in metal.
  • Handcrafted Linen Sails: The sails, made with care, exhibit rigging lines of varied texture, mirroring the diverse fabrics used in the original HMS Victory.
  • Artful Painting: The model’s painting is thoughtfully crafted to align with the historical imagery and color scheme of the authentic HMS Victory, enhancing its visual authenticity.
  • Ready for Display: Arriving fully assembled, this model stands ready for instant display on a solid wooden base, complete with an elegant nameplate for added sophistication.
  • Educational Touch: Enrich your understanding with the included laminated ship history sheet, providing valuable insights into the historical significance of the HMS Victory.

Cabinet display is also available, not only make your models a centrepiece; they ensure that they will remain just as beautiful in many years’ time.

About the HMS Victory ship

The HMS Victory is one of our most popular model ships thanks to its rich, articulate history. It came to be commissioned on the 7th May, 1765, and was first launched from Chatham Dockyard. The ship, from that date, became a crucial fixture of British naval warfare for the next two centuries. The person given command of the ship for the first time, in March 1778, was that of the famous Captain John Lindsay. That tenure, though, lasted but two months; in May 1778, Lindsay was transferred when Augustus Keppel decided to raise his flag aboard the Victory instead.

In 1778, she was fully commissioned under Rear Admiral John Campbell, and Captain Jonathan Faulkner, as its respective two Captains. Flying under the flag of the famous Admiral Keppel, the ship became a well-respected veteran of the seas, among the most feared warships on the water. In October 1805, though, the ship truly gained legendary status, when it took part in the Battle of Trafalgar. The Spanish fleets were running rampant, but it was under the leadership and authority of the HMS Victory that the tide was turned and the battle secured in the name of Britain. Capable of launching half a ton of iron through the sky at distances over half a mile away, the incredible ferocity of the ship was sure to be felt. In 1812, the ship was retired from active war duty, and instead spent the next century plus serving various ceremonial and practical roles for the British state. With over 300,000 visitors every single year, this stunning shape maintains its role as one of the most beloved museum ships on the planet.


6 reviews for HMS Victory 95cm Painted – Extremely Detailed

  1. Richard Lyon

    Great model, and fast effective and very good quality customer service.
    Would certainly recommend both model and Seacraft Gallery

  2. Mary Skinner

    Thank you very much… I’m pleasantly surprised… the article arrived quickly and in excellent condition… Even more beautiful…
    Maybe I’ll order again…
    Thank you again!

  3. Payal Kumar

    This is fantastic! It is a really detailed and beautiful model, crafted with care. It arrived before the expected date from Australia, attentively packaged in a crate. We love it!

  4. Jörg Wirthgen

    This is so beautiful! It looks amazing and the detail is spectacular. My husband is going to love this x x x

  5. James Wakefield

    Splendid and marvelous indeed. I will remember the model.

  6. Ken MaCathy

    Fantastic beautiful model ship! Arrived on time and in good shape.

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