Trumpy motor yacht model
Trumpy motor yacht model Trumpy motor yacht model Trumpy motor yacht model Trumpy motor yacht model Trumpy motor yacht model Trumpy motor yacht model Trumpy motor yacht model Trumpy motor yacht model Trumpy motor yacht model Trumpy motor yacht model

Trumpy Wishing Star motor yacht model 95cm – Free shipping

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When the Trumpy enters the harbour, every head would turn. It was the kind of boat that managed to set an example of what a motor yacht looks like; classy, stylish, modern, yet with an appeal that would still stand out to this day.

Created with the utmost care and precision, this intricate and detailed take on the Trumpy offers the perfect addition to your model boat collection. Great as a finishing piece or as a focal point, our Trumpy model boat is just what any naval enthusiast will need to add to their collection.

Key Features

  • Hand-crafted from quality timber with high attention to detail
  • Dimensions: 95 x 18 x 32 cm
  • Ready to display on arrival – no assembly needed
  • Plank-on-frame construction with a hollow hull which is made up of many smaller pieces of wood all glued together
  • Cut-out windows are added piece by piece: not black decals
  • All pieces of wood and metal were custom made by hand
  • Small eye-catching details help to bring the Trumpy to life, from sofas, chairs and table
  • Metal steering wheel and decorative pieces stands out, adding a fantastic focal point
  • Painted to match-up with the real imagery of the famous Trumpy motor yacht
  • The Trumpy Wishing Star motor yacht is attached on a wooden stand with a name plate, perfect for display. (Display case is sold separately).

The History of the Trumpy

Boats often come with a rich and endearing history, and the Trumpy is no different. Trumpy yachts were for 50 years, from the 1920s until the 1970s, built with regularity and put out to the various waters of the world. With their sleek nature with a pristine white hull, complete with a polished wood finish, the Trumpy range of motor yachts exhibited beauty, desire, and appeal all within one stunning piece of framework.

Around 400 in total were put together, but each Trumpy was built with the dedication that one would expect of a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. It’s one of the main reasons why the Trumpy has become such a major part of the history of the boating industry: their meticulous building became a term of endearment, and a reason to fall in love with the entire industry.

Indeed, even boat came with a signature look and a specific kind of finish. From the carved wooden scrollwork that would be on the bow to their pristine white shine, these were boats that managed to capture some very unique features that would became a staple of the wider industry. From the likes of the Duponts to the Chryslers, the Trumpy boat range was a staple of the rich and the famous.

The name itself comes from John Trumpy Sr, a popular Norwegian-born naval architect. He’s worked in Gloucester, NJ, but soon moved into shipbuilding in Annapolis, MD, as part of the Trumpy & Sons business. When Trumpy Sr passed on in 1963, his son, John Jr, took on the mantle. Sadly, in 1974, the Trumpy empire ceased to be: rising costs, the recurring labour strikes, and the build-up of the use of fiberglass put an end to a boating dynasty that, for many, was the perfect example of what a motor yacht should be.



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