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Model Ship Building

Model Ship Building

Tips to Buy Model Ships

Model ships are a popular display item in homes and businesses for good reason. Their high-quality, beautiful appearance, and historic representation makes wooden model ships some of the most desired display items. A good quality model boat not only faithfully resembles the historic ship is was designed to mimic but will also last a long time. So, it is important whether buying or building model ship to choose the best model that fits within your…
Model Ship Building

The Art of Building Wooden Model Ships

The history of wooden model ships goes back many centuries. When plans were made to construct full-size ships, they had to be submitted to the admiralty along with scale model ships for approval. The model ships provided a three-dimensional representation of the full-size craft, making it easier to envision how the final ships would appear. Because the handmade model boats were often kept protected on the shore, many of the model ships survive to this…
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