HMS Investigator Model Ship
HMS Investigator Model Ship HMS Investigator Model Ship HMS Investigator Model Ship HMS Investigator Model Ship HMS Investigator Model Ship HMS Investigator Model Ship HMS Investigator Model Ship HMS Investigator Model Ship HMS Investigator Model Ship HMS Investigator Model Ship

HMS Investigator 90cm – Captain Matthew Flinders

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As one of the most important ships in the history of Australia, The HMS Investigator played a major role in the circumnavigation and exploration of Australia. This model ship of HMS Investigator leaves you with a pristine model of the famous ship, which was under the command of the legendary Lt. Matthew Flinders. As the latest model to join our historical tall ship range, HMS Investigator model ships would make a fine choice of decoration to help finish off your collection. It is the ultimate memorial to one of the great explorers of any era, and would make an excellent choice in a display cabinet of your choosing.

Key Features of the HMS Investigator model ship:

  • Handcrafted scale model ship, made from quality timber
  • Overall dimensions: 90 x 17 x 72 cm, 1:34 Scale
  • Fully assembled and ready to put on display
  • Built according to the drawings and imagery that is perfectly aligned with reality
  • All individual parts and fittings are made from wood and sculpted metal with high attention to detail
  • Sails are made from linen
  • Painted meticulously to match up with the color scheme of the real HMS Investigator
  • Placed securely on a solid wooden base, alongside a metal nameplate and a factsheet about the ship

It would be more impressive to display your HMS Investigatory model ship in a hardwood & perspex display cabinet specially designed for tall ship replicas.

About The HMS Investigator

As an incredibly important part of the history of Australia, the HMS Investigator – otherwise known as The Investigator – is truly a ship of legend. Built as a humble collier on the docks of Sunderland, England, the ship was named Fram when it was first launched in 1795. However, it was purchased three years later by the Royal Navy, and was fitted with a series of guns to serve as an escort vessel. However, Sir Joseph Banks decided to begin an expedition to Australia, in a bid to map out the coastline and to study the life that would be found there.

The ship that was chosen was indeed the Investigator, at this stage known as the Xenophon. With ample space onboard for manpower and for supplies, the ship was the ideal choice – though certainly was also due some repairs. Avoiding the war against the French, the ship set off from Deptford dockyard after some adjustments and repairs. Now named the Investigator, it set sail to make history. As of January 1801, the ship was put in charge of the young Matthew Flinders, aged just 26. And thus he set off to circumnavigate the whole of Australia, starting from December 1801 and lasting until June 1803. Sailing from Spithead to Australia, arriving eventually at the South West Australian coast, over at Cape Leeuwin. Despite many struggles, including losing Ship Master John Thistle in a tragic capsizing accident, and the naming of Cape Catastrophe in remembrance of those who died, the trip continued and was eventually a major success. Despite running into the French from time to time – including a meeting with Captain Nicolas Baudin – the ship was able to achieve its aim and get back to shore without any issue.

The ship enjoyed many adventures over the years, before eventually being taken in by the Governor King of Sydney in 1804. The Investigator soon returned to England, arriving back into service before eventually being broken up in 1810, bringing an end to the glorious life of a ship that has played a major role in helping future generations understand Australian geography. Indeed, the history of both The Investigator and Lt. Flinders is still growing to this day. Recently, his grave was discovered – having gone undiscovered for a long, long time. His grave was found to be under London station, and it soon became a major find. Now back in the news, the one positive is that we can finally lay the great Lieutenant to rest, and we can finally celebrate the life of one of the most famous ships of any era.


3 reviews for HMS Investigator 90cm – Captain Matthew Flinders

  1. Peter Sheehan

    A beautiful model.

  2. Robert Pendrey

    I purchased a model of the Investigator and it was so detailed I asked the Redlands Museum in Queensland if they would like it to replace the non-detailed one they already had on display which was made by a local hobbyist.
    After they had inspected the model they accepted my donation and it is now on display along with their other model ships.
    The model is very high quality and fits in well with the history of the Redlands. Robert Pendrey Cleveland Qld

  3. Rob West

    Please advise availability

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