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HMB Endeavour 95cm Painted – James Cook ship

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Hardwood display case for Tall ships 95cm

Hardwood display case for Tall ships 95cm with legs

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When it comes to importance, the HMB Endeavour (or HMS Endeavour) ship certainly sits high up on the list, given its role in world discovery. Under the command of Captain James Cook, this important naval ship played an essential role in the discovery of Australia. Across a nearly three-year expedition, this ship helped to chart an entirely new course for the world that we live in.

As one of our most popular model ships, our new HMB Endeavour ship models help to add much-needed elegance, eloquence and charm to the whole experience. This is a must-have take on the HMB Endeavour model ship range, also available in other sizes of 75cm and 45cm.

Features of this Wooden HMB Endeavour Painted Model Ship

  • Highly impressive ship replica of the HMB Endeavour, made using high quality wood
  • Overall dimensions 95 x 21 x 76cm – 1:30 scale, fully assembled and ready to display on arrival
  • High quality materials used throughout, including wooden hull and metal fittings: no plastic for added promise of durability and protection
  • All added extras such as cannons, muskets and anchors are made from high quality sculpted metal for the best finish. Gun ports are sliced into the hull, not placed
  • Built according to the original of the ship, creating an HMB Endeavour model ship that is perfectly aligned with reality
  • All sails are made from realistic fine linen with ragging lines made from various textures for the best impact
  • Painting designed to help match up with the imagery and color scheme of the real HMB Endeavour
  • Solid wooden base is included, alongside a metal nameplate and fact sheet about the ship.

It would be more impressive to display your HMB Endeavour model ship in a hardwood & perspex display cabinet specially designed for tall ship replicas.

About the HMB Endeavour

The HMB Endeavour began life in 1764 as the Earl of Pembroke, a collier, before being purchased by the navy in 1768. In those days it was to be used as part of a scientific voyage. It set sail from Plymouth in 1768 under the command of the legendary Captain James Cook. This ship played a major role in how we understand the layout of the world, thanks to the work of James Cook, who was considered as one of the greatest ships and explorers of the era.

Sailing around Cape Horn, the ship moved into uncharted territory before stopping off at the Pacific Islands, including Huahine and Borabora, to be claimed by Britain. Eventually, she anchored off New Zealand in September 1769, becoming the first vessel from Europe to arrive here since Abel Tasman almost 130 years prior. The journey, though, was not without issue: Cook reached Australia’ east coast in 1770 and came ashore at Botany Bay. However, a near-miss with the Great Barrier Reef meant that Cook had to improvise, getting rid of much of the ships cannons to make it light enough to move. In that year, it was circumnavigated, with the whole area chartered from north and south. However, it was not until sailing west that he discovered the incredible coast of Australia.

The search, you might imagine, continued for some time. He even found other major landmarks when sailing, including Jakarta, Indonesia, when searching for help with repairs to the ship. It was at this point that we started to find out just how big the world was – especially compared to Great Britain. Eventually, she returned to Dover via the Cape of Good Hope on the 12th July 16771, having been at sea for the best part of three years. Indeed, Cook is the first person to have charted a large part of the Australian coastline, and to put the continent in a fixed location. Thanks to the work done by his incredible vessel, he was able to help us chart a better idea of the world in which we inhabit.

On top of that, the Endeavour played a major role in helping to overcome the scurvy problem – a common problem due to long voyages and poor diets. Not only did the HMB Endeavour change our geographical knowledge, but it also played a great role in adjusting nutrition for the men and women of the sea. It served as a troop transport during the American War of Independence, before being scuttled in 1778 near Rhode Island. In 2018, the wreck was believed to have been discovered by a group of marine archaeologists. To this day, though, the best replica of the HMB Endeavour can be found in the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney.


5 reviews for HMB Endeavour 95cm Painted – James Cook ship

  1. Peter Buchold

    This is exactly what was advertised and what I was after. Amazing model. Very happy!!!

  2. Christine Dube

    We have just received the model ship Endeavor we ordered last week from your company and my boss couldn’t be happier. The model is absolutely gorgeous, delivery was timely, packaging perfect to ensure avoiding damage, service was flawless in every communication, we have only positive comments to make! Top notch in every way!

    Thanks for a great customer experience!

  3. Linda Crawford

    My 90 year old father was given a model HMB Endeavour from family , made by Seacraft Gallery . He was the happiest Dad ever . The joy it brought him is priceless . Now a lifelong customer . The craftsmanship , the beauty , the service from beginning to end is of the highest quality ever . Tim is a delight to deal with and his customer care , commitment and professionalism is of the highest calibre . Thank you Tim and team .

  4. Richard Morton

    looked around on the net before deciding to purchase Seacraft’s model of HMB Endeavour for my newly renovated maritime themed study. Order it and 3 days later this beautiful piece graces the room. So pleased guys – quality product beautifully presented. Thoroughly recommend

  5. Iain Roebuck

    I have purchased 3 ships from Seacraft Gallery and I am definitely not disappointed. The models are true works of art and will be treasured for years to come.

    Apart from courier issues to the Middle East which was 100% Oz Posts fault. The first model came damaged due to some shabby handling which wasn’t Seacraft’s fault as the boat was extremely well packed. I managed to fix the damage without too much pain.

    Now saving up for the next masterpiece.

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