Unicorn - Tintin Model ship
Unicorn - Tintin Model ship Unicorn La licorne Model ship Unicorn Model ship (1) Unicorn - Tintin Model ship Unicorn - Tintin Model ship Unicorn - Tintin Model ship Unicorn - Tintin Model ship Unicorn - Tintin Model ship Unicorn - Tintin Model ship Unicorn - Tintin Model ship Unicorn - Tintin Model ship Unicorn - Tintin Model ship

Unicorn – La Licorne 85cm

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Hardwood display case for model ships 95cm

Hardwood display case for model ships 95cm

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In the realm of famous ships, not all vessels that have captured our imaginations throughout history are real. From the pages of fiction to the realm of folklore, we encounter a plethora of stories centered around ships and boats. One such ship that continues to evoke a sense of fascination and enigma is the Unicorn, or La Licorne. This three-masted French Royal Navy ship from the 17th century holds a special place in the hearts of many, not because of its historical existence, but due to its prominent role in the beloved The Adventures of Tintin series, celebrated as one of the finest comic series of all time.

The Unicorn plays a pivotal role in various storylines within the Tintin universe. If you’ve delved into adventures like “The Secret of the Unicorn” and “Red Rackham’s Treasure,” then you’re undoubtedly acquainted with this iconic ship. Are you a passionate fan of Tintin and his maritime escapades? If so, consider adding a breathtaking replica of The Unicorn to your collection of ship models, available in our store today.

Key features of the 85cm painted Unicorn – La Licorn ship model:

  • Overall dimensions: 85cm L x 23cm W x 74cm H
  • Designed using plans of the Unicorn – La Licorne ship, ensuring the model ship is accurate.
  • A hand-built model ship of the Unicorn, with attention to detail.
  • Using top-quality timber and metals: no plastic used.
  • Gun ports cut directly into the hull: not stuck on.
  • All lattice grates, rudder chains and wooden ladders are included.
  • Realistic extras such as lifeboats are included with oars.
  • Handmade linen sales designed with rigging lines of varied texture.
  • All decorative details – cannons, anchors, and decorative linings are metal-sculpted.
  • Deck features help to add attention to detail and depth to the deck.
  • Fully assembled upon arrival: ready for you to display instantly.
  • Solid wooden base with nameplate included.
  • Laminated ship history sheet include for educational purposes.

Cabinet display is also available, not only make your models a centrepiece; they ensure that they will remain just as beautiful in many years’ time.

About the La Licorne – The Unicorn ship

The ship might not be real, but it has a rich and glorious history within the fictional canon of Tintin itself. The storylines that revolve around the ship are wartime classics, published in the early 1940s during the Second World War. However, the Unicorn has also appeared in the 2011 film adaptation of TSOTU.

The Unicorn is typically a battle scene among pirates and sailors. It’s also the famous spot where the duel between Sir Francis Haddocks and Red Rackham first took place. The ship is scuttled and eventually sinks to the ocean, and it is up to Tintin and his friends to locate the pirates treasure that sunk with the ship.

The ship itself retains a long history within the universe, as well. The ship was a key part of the 1670s, and sailed under the Union Jack in the name of Charles II of England. Sir Francis Haddock is the commander of the ship, and an ancestor to Captain Haddock himself. However, the original French version of the story has the ship as a French vessel, flying as part of King Louis XIV’s naval army.

Interestingly, in real life the English Royal Navy had a ship, the HMS Unicorn that was commanded by none other than a Captain Haddock!

The story in the comics revolves around Tintin and co. trying to uncover the lost treasure of the famous pirate Red Rackham. Tintin believes it is aboard the ship, and thus heads along with his friends to find the models of the ship which were built – within one remains the treasure map of the location. The story unfolds as Tintin and his friends overcome various obstacles to eventually find the ship – we won’t spoil what happens next, though!

While the shop is by no means a ‘real’ object, anyone who grew up reading the works of Tintin will be all too aware of its existence. If you would like to get your hands on your own take on the famous ship, then now is the time – pick up a replica model today from our store of this most famous of fictional ships!


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  1. Colin Whitfield

    Extremely high quality model ship. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you Seacraft Gallery.

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