SS Oriana model cruise
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SS Oriana 86cm with lights – The Queen of the Sea

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Hardwood display case for cruise ships

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The SS Oriana, affectionately known as “The Queen of the Seas,” has an illustrious history intertwined with a unique chapter of migration to Australia. Launched in 1960, this iconic cruise ship quickly established itself as a symbol of elegance and luxury, becoming a beloved vessel for travelers. Her significance was amplified by the many passengers who would come to be referred to as ‘Ten Pound Poms.’ These individuals saw in the SS Oriana an opportunity to embark on a new life in Australia. The SS Oriana became a vessel of dreams, carrying countless families to the distant shores of Australia, where they would begin a new chapter of their lives, forever grateful to the ship that made it all possible.

Committed to meticulously crafting an exceptional model of the SS Oriana, we’ve conducted extensive research to ensure its faithful tribute to this iconic ocean liner. Our ultimate aim is to offer a timeless keepsake that rekindles cherished memories associated with the SS Oriana. Through this intricately detailed SS Oriana model, you can embark on a nostalgic journey, rediscovering the elegance and grandeur of a ship that holds a special place in your heart.

Key Features of the 86cm SS Oriana model cruise with LED lights: 

  • Dimensions: 86 x 12 x 30cm – 1:285 scale
  • A hand-crafted model from timber, fully assembled and ready to display
  • Plank-on-frame construction used, with individual wood strips applied on the hull
  • LED lights helps to bring this SS Oriana model ship to life – even during the evenings.
  • All windows, portholes and other sections are cut into the wooden hull – not stickers.
  • Wood and metal fittings used throughout: no plastic, just like the real thing.
  • Major parts of the ship included such as the lifeboats on the deck, and stairways.
  • A busy ship, created using details that match-up with the real SS Oriana itself.
  • Built using plans and imagery of the ship for the closest, most realistic finish.
  • Comes with a wooden display base and with a history sheet about the SS Oriana.
  • Want to display your SS Oriana in full view? We have display case that you can pick from.

About the SS Oriana – The Queen of the Seas – The very last Orient Liner

The SS Oriana holds a fascinating history, particularly in relation to its journey to Australia. Built by Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd in the United Kingdom, the Oriana was launched in 1959 as a luxurious ocean liner. Its maiden voyage took place in December 1960, carrying passengers from Southampton, England, to Sydney, Australia. This marked the beginning of its special connection with the Australian continent.

The SS Oriana quickly became a beloved ship among Australian travelers, offering a unique and glamorous way to travel between Europe and Australia. With a capacity to carry over 1,800 passengers, it provided a comfortable and stylish experience. The ship’s interior boasted elegant lounges, spacious cabins, and a variety of onboard amenities, including swimming pools, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

For over a decade, the SS Oriana operated regular voyages between the UK and Australia, creating cherished memories for countless travelers. Its iconic presence in Australian waters became a symbol of the era’s opulent travel and sparked a sense of excitement and anticipation among those awaiting its arrival in port cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

The SS Oriana’s final voyage to Australia took place in 1974 before being sold to Orient Overseas Line and renamed “Oriana.” The ship continued to sail under different ownership and underwent various transformations throughout its subsequent career. While the original SS Oriana no longer sails the seas, its legacy as a majestic vessel that bridged continents and brought joy to travelers lives on in the hearts of those who experienced its charm during its remarkable journey to Australia.



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