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The Royal Australian Navy Fleet

The Royal Australian Navy Fleet - Current & essential ships

While today naval warfare is nowhere near as prevalent as it was in previous centuries, naval units still have a huge part to play. Whether in peacekeeping, in forming blockades, or simply offering support from afar, naval units around the world are still an essential part of warfare. However, each navy in the world has its own reputation built from years of high-quality service and sacrifice. One such navy that gets a hugely positive response today is the Royal Australian Navy Fleet.

As one of the most important fleets in the world, the Royal Australian Navy Fleet is a crucial part of Australian military defence. It was initially a part of the Federation of Australia, with all ships as part of the various colonial military powers brought under the one single banner. Known as the Commonwealth Naval Forces, this precursor to the Royal Australian Navy Fleet was a crucial part of establishing Australian naval dominance in the region.

It was commonly used for local defence, but slowly was pushed into being used for various other actions including the defence of the region as the British began to pull their own forces out of the Pacific region. As such, the Royal Australian Navy Fleet acted as an early peacekeeper in this volatile part of the world.

The Australian Squadron

Prior to the development and setup of the Royal Australian Navy Fleet, though, there was also The Australian Squadron. As a wider part of the Royal Navy, the AS was a major part of providing RAN support until British warships could arrive on the scene. The Squadron was funded by both the Australian and New Zealand governments until 1913, when the Admiralty committed to investing in the Squadron at a peak, consistent strength as opposed to on-demand strengthening.

As such, the 4th October 1913 seen an end to the Australia Squadron, as RAN ships entered the harbour of Sydney for the first time. However, this would not be the end of co-operation among the groups. As a key ally in the Pacific, the Royal Navy provided numerous ships and blue-water defence solutions to the Australians during the Second World War. They played a role in helping to keep the waters safe and to minimise the risk of a breakout of war in the area.

After the Second World War

However, the Royal Australian Navy Fleet soon began to move away from the need for help from the British in such a specific way. After the war, rapid expansion saw many vessels developed and built for part of the Australian naval fleet. Indeed, the RAN made an investment in aircraft carriers which were now becoming a major part of the naval-air war plan.

Since the Second World War, the RAN has mostly played a role of keeping the peace and ensuring that the region can stay safer for years to come.

Current ships

Today, the Royal Australian Navy Fleet is made up of a fine range of ships, with some 46 commissioned ships backed up by a trio of non-commissioned vessels. This also includes an army of some 16,000 personnel to work across each of the ships. They are among the largest in the South Pacific and have a growing naval presence when it comes to worldwide affairs.

Indeed, the Royal Australian Navy Fleet plays a major role in helping to keep peace in the South Pacific and across the Indian Ocean. Many times, they have been involved in peacekeeping missions and also taking part in military campaigns.

The end of the Second World War, though, has seen a huge reduction in the number of ships that were needed by the RAN. The introduction of key ships over the years, though, has helped to ensure that the Royal Australian Navy Fleet can continue to grow and keep pace with current trends.

Essential ships

Of course, as part of one of the most powerful militaries in the world, the Royal Australian Navy Fleet plays home to some very important ships. Chief among their most important ships in the modern world include the HMAS Brisbane and the HMAS Anzac. These are truly special ships, and have become a key part of their naval fleet – and a big reason why the Royal Australian Navy Fleet has become such a feared naval adversary.

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The Royal Australian Navy Fleet today

Today, the Royal Australian Navy Fleet is a growing force of importance within the global naval industry. They have added various new changes to help keep pace with the modern world. For example, they have played a crucial role in several post Cold War conflicts, as they have been a part of various Coalition forces to help fight back in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. Typically, the Royal Australian Navy Fleet has played a key role in the support of Operation Slipper, a major anti-piracy program.

They have also played a key role in the development of peacekeeping operations in areas of high conflict such as East Timor and the Solomon Islands. The Royal Australian Navy Fleet is also one of the most diverse navies in the world, with thousands of female personnel taking part in the Australian naval efforts.

Women were integrated as a wider part of Australian military operations in the 1980s, but today they play a crucial role in making sure the Royal Australian Navy Fleet has the quantity and quality of staff on-board for any operations that they need to undertake and be part of.

It is for this reason, then, that so many people today see the Royal Australian Navy Fleet as a source of good in the South Pacific. Powerful and capable of helping to push peace in the region, Australia plays a key role in helping to retain relative peace, balance, and order in this part of the world.

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