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What should you know about the HMB Endeavor tall ship?

HHMB Endeavour painted 13 model ship 75cm

What should you know about the HMB Endeavor tall ship?

If you’re passionate about model ships, you definitely want to add the HMB Endeavor to your collection. This is one of the most impressive wooden model ships on the market. And it’s also a replica of maybe the most widely known ship that sailed the seas during the 18th century.

The HMB Endeavor was also known as the HM Bark Endeavour. It was a British Royal Navy research vessel commanded by James Cook. He ventured to New Zealand and Australia during a voyage of discovery between 1768 and 1771.

Initially, the HMB Endeavor ship was launched in 1764 as the collier Earl of Pembroke. However, the Navy ended up purchasing it. The reason behind that is they wanted to explore the seas as they tried to identify the Terra Australis Incognita. Australia was not discovered at that time.

James Cook stayed quite a while on the southern seas as he tried to find the much-promised land. But it wasn’t until April 1770 that the HMB Endeavor reached the East Coast of Australia. At that time Cook went ashore at the Botany Bay. But he didn’t stop here. He sailed to the northern side of the country while perusing the Australian coast. The HMB Endeavor almost hit the Great Barrier Reef, and later that year the ship had to undergo a lot of important repairs. The unfortunate thing about the HMB Endeavor is that it was forgotten after this epic voyage.

After reaching Dover in July 1771, the HMB Endeavor ship spent the next few years getting to and from the Falkland Islands and then the ship was sold to a private owner that renamed it the Lord Sandwich. It’s important to know that the HMB Endeavor was also a part of the American War of Independence later on. Although the unfortunate thing is that the ship was scuttled in the blockage of Narragansett Bay in 1778. Despite that, no one knows the location of HMB Endeavor’s wreckage. What we do know is that there’s a cluster of five ships near the Newport Harbour, and the HMB Endeavor might be one of those ships.

The HMB Endeavor currently resides at the Darling Harbor in Sydney. If you are very passionate about Australian history and you want to actually be on board of this ship, you can visit it right now. Once you get a ticket, you get to enjoy exploring one of the most iconic ships in Australian history!

If you want a replica of tall ship HMB Endeavor, then you just have to browse our store. Our model is made from quality wood (no plastic), it has a tremendous attention to detail, and it delivers museum-quality visuals. Every person that loves collecting model ships should consider getting the HMB Endeavor replica. This amazing ship is forever connected to the discovery of the Australian continent, and it should be a part of your collection. Contact us right now and get your HMB Endeavor model ship today!

Endeavour 75cm 6 painted model ship
Endeavour 75cm 9 painted model ship
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