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HMAS Ipswich J186 model HMAS Ipswich J186 model HMAS Ipswich J186 model HMAS Ipswich J186 model HMAS Ipswich J186 model HMAS Ipswich J186 model HMAS Ipswich J186 model HMAS Ipswich J186 model HMAS Ipswich J186 model HMAS Ipswich J186 model HMAS Ipswich J186 model

HMAS Ipswich 80cm – Bathurst Class Corvette

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Hardwood display case for warships 80cm

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The HMAS Ipswich I is a distinguished member of the sixty Australian Minesweepers, commonly referred to as corvettes, that were constructed during World War II in Australian shipyards as part of the Commonwealth Government’s wartime shipbuilding program. These vessels played a vital role in safeguarding Australia’s coastal waters and contributing to allied efforts during the global conflict. The HMAS Ipswich I, like its counterparts, embodies the dedication and resilience of Australia’s wartime naval endeavors and stands as a testament to the nation’s maritime history.

Our team of skilled artisans has poured their dedication and expertise into recreating this remarkable vessel, capturing its historical significance and naval prowess. This exquisite model is more than just a miniature replica; it’s a tangible homage to the rich maritime heritage of the HMAS Ipswich I, making it a cherished addition to any collector’s fleet and a testament to Australia’s wartime legacy.

Key Feature of the HMAS Ipswich I model:

  • Dimensions: 80cm long x 14 wide x 38cm wide
  • Handcrafted using durable wood to ensure the most authentic looking finish
  • Plank-on-frame design to deliver the utmost authenticity and longevity at once
  • Meticulous and detailed paint job matches up perfectly with the HMAS Ipswich I paint scheme
  • Polished and smooth finish, with multiple paint and varnish layers for depth
  • Realistic boat materials used where possible, such as brass propellers and metal fittings
  • Authentic additions included to help ensure the boat comes with every expected accessory
  • Plastic-free design – this is made from using only the strongest, most authentic materials
  • Ready to display upon arrival – no building necessary, this is not a building kit
  • Comes with a pre-prepared wooden base – ideal for standing-up in a display cabinet
  • Laminated history of the HMAS Ipswich I is provided to help inform guests and visitors about the ship

History of the HMAS Ipswich I

The HMAS Ipswich I was one of sixty different Australian minesweeper ships built during the Second World War. It is part of the Commonwealth Government’s wartime programme that focused on getting more vessels out to sea. The HMAS Ipswich I was manned by the Royal Australian Navy and was laid down in Brisbane in March 1941. It launched in August of the same year, and was launched by Mrs Foll, the wife of the Minister for the Interior at the time.
It was the first RAN warship to carry the name of a city that is inland as opposed to coastal. Under the command of Lieutenant Commander John S McBryde, the HMAS Ipswich I was mostly focused on finding and removing mines from the water. It took part in various duties, including escort duties. It did join the Eastern Fleet, though, which was based in Kilindini. The ship spent much of its time at sea, escorting other ships and combatting potential submarine threats across the West Indian Ocean and areas between the Persian Gulf and India.
The HMAS Ipswich I was credited with gunning down a bomber in July 1943. It was a typical escort ship, helping out the likes of the Alexandria. Much of its time was spent in the Eastern Fleet, taking part in escort duties across the Indian Ocean and beyond. It covered over 60,000 miles in just 18 months of service. They also helped combat Japanese submarines, such as the RO-110, off the eastern coast of India. It served in this part of the world until July 1944, when it was returned to Australia for refitting.
She spent time in Freemantle, Colombo, and also more time as an escort vessel in the Eastern Fleet. Her time in the Indian Ocean ended in January 1945, and she took part in the British Pacific Fleet until the end of the war. Until she was eventually passed on to the Royal Netherlands Navy in 1946, the HMAS Ipswich took part in over 143,000 different miles!



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