HMAS Castlemaine model
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HMAS Castlemaine 80cm – Bathurst Class Corvette

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Hardwood display case for warships 80cm

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The HMAS Castlemaine is a distinguished member of the Bathurst Class Corvette, having served as a vital asset in the Australian Navy during World War II. Out of the 56 Australian corvettes deployed in the war, HMAS Castlemaine stands alone as the sole surviving vessel. This iconic ship played a pivotal role in escorting allied convoys and participating in anti-submarine warfare, making a substantial contribution to the war effort.

This model of the HMAS Castlemaine serves as a perfect tribute to commemorate the ship’s remarkable legacy, particularly as we surpass its 80th anniversary. For many, the HMAS Castlemaine stands as one of the most captivating vessels of the wartime era, representing the epitome of Australian discipline and resilience. By adding this model to your collection, you can carry a piece of Australian history with you wherever you go, honoring the ship’s enduring significance.

Key Feature of the HMAS Castlemaine 80cm – Bathurst Class Corvette:

  • Dimensions: 80cm long x 14 wide x 38cm wide
  • Handcrafted using timber to ensure an authentic-looking finish
  • Plank-on-frame design to deliver the utmost authenticity and longevity at once
  • Meticulous and detailed paint job matches up with the actual HMAS Castlemaine paint scheme
  • Polished and smooth finish, with multiple paint and varnish layers for depth
  • Realistic details and fittings made from wood and metal, plastic-free design
  • Authentic additions included ensuring the model comes with every expected accessory
  • Ready to display upon arrival – no building necessary, this is not a kit model
  • Comes with a sturdy wooden base – ideal for showcase in a display cabinet
  • Laminated history of the HMAS Castlemaine is provided to help inform guests and visitors about the ship

History of the HMAS Castlemaine

The HMAS Castlemaine is seen by many as a famous ship – the Corvette That Came Home – because it managed to survive the Second World War. 55 other ships were not so lucky, meaning Australia lost a huge amount of its corvette fleet during the war. The HMAS Castlemaine, then, is the only remaining ship that can still lay claim to its longevity.

It was commissioned in 1942, the HMAS Castlemaine took part in the war and focused on the waters around Australia, New Guinea, and Timor. There, it remained in service until 1945 when it was able to come home from the war. The HMAS Castlemaine did not last long beyond this, though, as it was turned into a reserve ship and eventually was converted into an immobilised training ship.

As one of only two surviving Bathurst class ships, the HMAS Castlemaine is a relic of a different era. It does, though, stand out as one of the most enduring and hard-nosed ships in the history of the Australian fleet.

However, given how important it was to defending Australia during the war, it was beloved by the public. Many complained that such an inglorious end was ill-fitting for a ship that had done so much. Protests worked, and by 1973 the HMAS Castlemaine was given to the Maritime Trust of Australia to turn it into a museum ship.

The HMAS Castlemaine has gone through maintenance more than once, with a 2015 maintenance drydocking seeing the ship upgraded with cleaning, hull preservation, and general improvements. Today, the HMAS Castlemaine is available for visitation for anyone who wishes to see one of the great Australian naval ships at peace in its new home.



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