HMAS Oberon class submarine
HMAS Oberon class submarine HMAS Oberon class submarine HMAS Oberon class submarine HMAS Oberon class submarine HMAS Oberon class submarine HMAS Oberon class submarine HMAS Oberon class submarine HMAS Oberon class submarine HMAS Orion Model (5)

HMAS Orion 76cm – Oberon-class submarine

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The submarine, one of the most significant naval innovations, allows us to explore unseen oceanic realms and gain a unique perspective of the underwater world. Militarily, submarines have revolutionized naval warfare, altering its entire dynamic. Throughout the history of the Royal Australian Navy, various submarine classes have emerged, with the Oberon-class standing out prominently.

One notable submarine from this class is the HMAS Orion. Launched in 1974, the HMAS Orion served with distinction, participating in numerous critical missions and exercises. Known for its advanced capabilities and reliability, the HMAS Orion became a cornerstone of Australia’s underwater fleet, contributing significantly to maritime security and defense.

For those who admire naval history and wish to own a piece of it, our HMAS Orion model is a perfect choice. This meticulously crafted replica captures the essence of the Oberon-class submarine, making it an excellent addition to any collection or a thoughtful gift for naval enthusiasts.

Key Feature of the HMAS Orion Submarine Model:

  • Hand-crafted take on the hugely popular HMAS Orion Oberon-class submarines.
  • Designed from the ground up, build to hand-crafted precision using drawings.
  • Model from wooden planks which are made and shaped by hand for precision.
  • Comes with on-frame construction and painted to match the real colours and tones.
  • No plastic used, including objects found on ship deck.
  • Fully ready for display; comes with a ship display name and a history sheer.
  • Size specifications: 76cm x 10cm x 23cm, Scale 1:118

The history of the HMAS Orion Oberon-class Submarine

The HMAS Orion, an Oberon-class submarine, was a significant asset to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Launched in 1974, it was the third of six Oberon-class submarines built for the RAN, following an agreement with the United Kingdom. These submarines were renowned for their advanced sonar and quiet operation, making them highly effective for surveillance and intelligence-gathering missions. The HMAS Orion was no exception, and it played a crucial role in Australia’s naval defense strategy during the Cold War era.

Throughout its service, the HMAS Orion participated in numerous operations and exercises, both domestically and internationally. It was equipped with sophisticated surveillance equipment, allowing it to conduct covert operations and gather valuable intelligence. The submarine’s capabilities were further enhanced by regular upgrades, ensuring it remained at the forefront of underwater technology. The HMAS Orion’s contributions were not limited to combat readiness; it also played a vital role in fostering international naval cooperation through joint exercises with allied nations.

The HMAS Orion served the Royal Australian Navy with distinction until its decommissioning in 1996. Its legacy is marked by its significant contributions to naval operations and intelligence. The submarine’s service history reflects a period of intense technological advancement and strategic importance for Australia’s naval forces. Today, the HMAS Orion is remembered as a symbol of the RAN’s commitment to maintaining a robust and technologically advanced submarine fleet, securing its place in Australia’s maritime history.



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