HMAS Melbourne model
HMAS Melbourne model HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier model HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier model HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier model HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier model HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier model HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier model HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier model HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier model HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier model HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier model HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier model HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier model HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier model

HMAS Melbourne (R21) Aircraft Carrier 90cm

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Australian naval history stands as a testament to the versatility of aircraft that serve both in times of peace and in times of conflict. The HMAS Melbourne II is a pivotal vessel that holds a significant place in this dual narrative. As a vital component of Australia’s response during the Second World War, this conventional aircraft carrier undertook remarkable feats throughout its operational tenure. From 1955 to 1982, the HMAS Melbourne II played a central role as an aircraft carrier within the Royal Australian Navy’s fleet.

Our meticulously crafted model of this iconic ship is designed to be an impeccable centerpiece for display in any office, boardroom, or personal study. It serves as an exquisite gift, appealing to a diverse audience, from former Navy personnel to ardent admirers of all things nautical.

Key Feature of the Aircraft Carrier HMAS Melbourne II Models:

  • Hand-crafted take on the hugely popular Aircraft Carrier HMAS Melbourne II.
  • Designed from the ground up, build to hand-crafted precision using drawings.
  • Model from wooden planks which are made and shaped by hand for precision.
  • Comes with on-frame construction and painted to match the real colours and tones.
  • No plastic used, including objects found on ship deck.
  • Fully ready for display; comes with a ship display name and a history sheet.
  • Size specifications: 90cm x 16cm x 39cm, Scale 1:270.

The History of the HMAS Melbourne II (R21)

HMAS Melbourne (R21) was a Majestic-class light aircraft carrier operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) from 1955 until 1982. The vessel was laid down for the Royal Navy as the lead ship of the Majestic class and was launched in 1945.

The Commonwealth Government approved to acquire two aircraft carriers, including the Melbourne. The Melbourne II was the name given to the HM Majestic. The use of angled flight decks and mirror-deck landing systems made the Melbourne II a technical marvel for the era. Work continued through the late 1940s and into the early 1950s, ensuring that the Melbourne could retain all of the features expected of such a post-war vessel.

The ship was officially named and commissioned on 28 October 1955  into the RAN as HMAS Melbourne under the command of Captain Galfrey GO Gatacre. Then she sailed from Glasgow to Australia with a series of Sea Venom and Gannet aircraft fighters attached. It also stopped off in areas including Naples, Malta, and Gibraltar along the way. Arriving in Freemantle in 1956, the ship was regarded as a marvel by Australian forces.

In terms of military pursuits, the HMAS Melbourne took part in various engagements, including serving as part of the Far East Strategic Reserve and being deployed in the South East Asian region. However, the ship never fired a shot in anger during its career, serving in peripheral roles within the Indonesian-Malaysian conflict, and the Vietnam War.

A reputation for collisions with allied vessels as well as shipboard accidents and losses of aircraft led the ship to be unjustifiably claimed to have been jinxed during development.

The ship also played a role in a major humanitarian rescue. In June 1981, the Melbourne II and the Torrens were taking part in Exercise Starfish 81 in the South China Sea when they came across close to 100 Vietnamese refugees aboard a damaged vessel. The ships swooped in to provide aid, managing a rescue operation to ensure that everyone who was found during the trip could be saved accordingly.

A reunion ceremony was held for the rescue of the ‘MG99’ in June 2021, held at Albion Park, to celebrate the safe return of these stranded people. In 1982, the ship was suggested as being redeveloped into a floating casino, but this was rejected prior to being sold for scrap in 1985, towed to China to be broken down. Though it was never a key wartime vessel in terms of having a clear military focus, this was a ship that became famous for its humanitarian pursuits and technological advancements.


5 reviews for HMAS Melbourne (R21) Aircraft Carrier 90cm

  1. Dave Cattel

    A historical ship. Very happy with the purchase.

  2. Jake Lee

    I loved this. The craftsmanship and everything was amazing and the person I got this gift for was ecstatic about it. Thank you so much!

  3. Elizabeth Pietro

    I’m really happy with the ship. It was well packed and arrived on time and in perfect conditions. I know my husband is going to love it. It will be his Father’s Day present.

  4. Christian Mohan

    Beautiful quality ship! It came well packaged in a crate and is worth the value! Thank you for such detailed and beautiful work!

  5. Troy Osborne

    The pictures look so beautiful.
    Sadly I haven’t purchased one but hopefully I can some day 🙂

    I’m a full-time carer for retired Able Seaman Peter Mason this was the main ship he served.
    I would love to buy him one.

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