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The Facts About James Cook and His Greatest Voyage on HMB Endeavour

HMB Endeavour ship - James Cook

The Facts About James Cook and His Greatest Voyage on HMB Endeavour

James Cook, a famous British Naval Captain, was born on 27th October 1729 at Yorkshire, England. He is better known as an explorer and navigator who sailed along the coasts of Canada for many years ranging from 1763 to 1767. History reveals that he conducted three journeys to the Pacific Ocean in different years; the first one was completed between 1768 to 1771; whereas second and third expeditions were completed between 1772 to 1775 and 1776 to 1779. They were planned from the ice fields of the Antarctic to Bering Strait and from North America to New Zealand and Australia. Cook died on 14th February 1779 at Kealakekua Bay in Hawaii.

Early Life of James Cook:

James Cook was basically born to a farmhand migrant who belonged to Scotland. When Cook was at the early stage of his childhood, his father was appointed as a foreman in a farm at some neighbouring village. Right from childhood, Cook showed great interest in studies, and in order to support his education, the employers of his father paid for his school fee up to 12 years of age. After this, he first started working with his father in the farmlands. However, later he started job at a general store in the coastal village. This job brought him into contact with sea and ships.

In 1746, when Cook turned 18, he started working under the guidance of John Walker, a famous Quaker shipowner. He became an experienced seaman at the age of 21 and started managing slow 300 and 400 tonners for North Sea trades. The ships used to go for refitting during the winter season, and at that time, Cook used to study mathematics while living ashore. While working with Whitby Barks, Cook obtained extensive practical training and learned seamanship in a professional manner.

After spending 8 years in the sea, Cook was finally offered the command of bark in 1752. This opportunity opened a new path in his career field, and he felt more satisfied while working as a seaman. Later he volunteered in the Royal Navy and further got new scopes to work as a professional seaman. Due to his immense experience and expertise in the field, he soon got the attention of supervisors and was able to enjoy rapid advancements in career.

Right after completing his job excellently on two non-commissioned ranks of boatswain and master’s mate; he finally got an opportunity to handle HMS Pembroke. He was only 29 when he conducted this incredible journey of his life.

Caption Cook’s HMS Endeavour:

Cook conducted unlimited journeys in his entire lifetime, and each one of them added more to his experience. Later, he was given command of some famous ships in the history; one such fame includes South Pacific Voyage in HMS Endeavour. This journey took place between 1768 to 1771, and it created an unforgettable history in the world. There are so many interesting things to know about this famous ship; few of them are listed below.

Although the famous ship of Cook is today popular as HMS Endeavour; but the vessel was originally registered as HM Bark Endeavour on the navy’s list. However, the ship had two other names as well. Note that, the ship was launched in the year 1764 and it was purchased by the navy in year 1768. At that time, it was known as Earl of Pembroke. Later, Endeavour was sold out to a news agency in year 1775, and then it got a new name as Lord Sandwich. These names have confused people for several years, but it is now much clarified in history. The actual link between Endeavour and Lord Sandwich was identified in 1990s, and with this, the full history was revealed about this ship.

The Earl of Pembroke was designed by a Thomas Fishburn, a master builder, and this masterpiece was basically created for Thomas Milner. This ship got more popularity in the 1700s for its amazing shape and unique design. It was basically a bark; a specific type of ship that hard rounded bows, flat bottoms, boxy bodies and it was flush decked. This design was considered ideal choice for coastal sailing.

The ship was handed over to lieutenant James Cook in 1768. He sailed the ship to Tahiti to observe Venus transit in the year 1769 and. The team on the ship was also curious to explore if there is a continent on the southern latitudes of the Pacific Ocean. After completing the target observations, Cook sailed this ship on 40 degrees S to the South direction, but later they failed to find any land in the area. Unfortunately, the expedition on the ship suffered a lot in a disaster; however, it was soon dislodged and repaired at Endeavour River.

The exact location of the final resting place of HMS Endeavour was sunk off the Rhode Island coast. It was one of the most talked mysteries of maritime. However, after continuous efforts of 25 years, the remains of Endeavour have been finally found. The researchers believe that the final resting place of the ship was at the coast of the Goat Island that is located at Narragansett Bay. But in order to be sure about their findings, they need to examine the remains of the ship along with the timbers. The experts believe that they will be able to find some solid proofs regarding the same before 250th anniversary of Cook’s arrival to Australia’s Botany Bay. Note that, it will be celebrated soon in the year 2020 and it will be the time to remember amazing contributions made by Cook in the history of ships and seas.

With this, the battle over the mysteries related to Cook’s Voyage will be solved. The ship is considered as an important artefact of Australian History, and the remains will be kept in the ownership of Rhode Island.

Right now, it is time to prepare for the 250th anniversary of James Cook’s Voyage to Australia. Several activities are organized for the event; the list for which funding has been arranged include:

  • Wide range of reflective exhibitions and activities to be organized at the National Museum of Australia, Australian National Maritime Museum, and National Library of Australia.
  • A project will be conducted by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies.
  • Four different capital projects will be presented in associated with the Cooktown Shire Council’s Cooktown Expo 2020.
  • Development of a large interpretive centre in the Town of Seventeen Seventy.
  • The most interesting thing to know is that a replica of HMS Endeavour will be sailed around the entire country and its stoppages are decided at 39 different locations.

Residents and visitors can cherish many such events and activities at famous museums and beautiful tourist destinations of the country on 250th Anniversary of James Cook’s Voyage to Australia, and it will definitely be a memorable celebration for all.

James Cook HMB Endeavour
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