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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – Things You Never Knew About The Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - Things You Never Knew About The Black Pearl

As one of the most popular film franchises in modern memory, Pirates of the Caribbean has fans from all over the world. From its cheeky-chappie cast to its outstanding plotlines, PotC has a fine viewership and a loyal fanbase. However, part of what makes the movies so awesome is their awesome commitment to using the history (and myths) of ships from the history of the world. However, while it might include references to some of the most famous ships ever mentioned, the most beloved part of the series is arguably The Black Pearl, the fictional ship from the series.

The ship was given plenty of airtime, but it especially done well for itself in The Curse of the Black Pearl, which is one of the most beloved parts of the sage. What, though, makes the boat so special?

Here are some things that you might never have known about this iconic piece of fiction writing. Despite not being real, plenty of ‘lore’ and ‘facts’ about the ship exist – here are some things about this amazing ship that likely passed you by until now!

10 interesting facts about The Black Pearl you might not have known

It has a different name

The first thing to note about this gorgeous ship is that it isn’t actually known as The Black Pearl in real-life. Instead, the ship that was used to portray the ship on-screen is known as the Sunset. It’s a stunning boat, and a rich piece of the history of the movie series now. It’s also had its fair share of adventures in real-life, too!

It has been to treasure-like locations

As the Sunset in real-life, this boat has enjoyed some pretty stellar journeys of its own. While it might not have gone through the same trials as its on-screen counterpart, it has been to places like Hawaii on a regular basis. The fact a real ship was used that had a history of heading off on such adventures helped to convince Rick Heinrichs, the Production Designer, that this was the ideal boat.

A combination of history

Keen lovers of naval warfare might note that The Black Pearl has a rather unique look. That is because the inspiration for it comes from a unique blend of the galleon style of ship and a classic East Indiaman. These ships were used by various groups, including the East India Trading Company, which is where Beckett is first involved in the movies. So, the design is unique because it is such a specific design combination.

Making good time

One of the many claims about the ship during the movies is that it is actually the fastest ship in the world, and that nothing could keep up with its staggering pace. However, claims that it could outrun The Flying Dutchman can seem fanciful in the extreme – it is, though, the quickest ship that we see in the PotC series and for that reason it holds a pretty unique place within the naval pantheon in the series.

Easy to hide

Used numerous times in the movies, The Black Pearl is such a great ship because it is so easy to cloak in the cover of darkness. This makes it great for sneaking into ports, such as when it is snuck into Port Royal. It also is known for its extensive speed, agility, and power thanks to the ferocious addition of some extra cannons. So, despite the extra heft and power, it still is among the easiest ships of the era to hide.

Multiple owners

Like any good pirate ship, The Black Pearl has had more than its fair share of owners over its lifespan. One of the most famous owners was, of course, Barbossa, who owned the ship a whopping four times in its history. It is a ship that has been stolen as many times as the plunder that it has carried from owner to owner, making it the perfect example of a pirate ship – even its ownership has been in constant dispute!

A tiny replica

While not part of the film in question, did you know that the version of The Black Pearl seen in On Stranger Tides is actually a tiny replica that was developed for that exact scene?

It was built and then animated for the film, ensuring that it could be used in a way that would make the audience notice the little nod to its history. While The Black Pearl was built atop the Sunset, this little replica was developed in-scale.

Added firepower

In the ‘original’ version of the story, The Black Pearl was actually replaced by a ship known as the Wicked Wench (see below). However, while the Wench had some 20 cannons, Captain Jack Sparrow added another 12 to the Black Pearl, as well as more sails, cannons, and some extra crew to help make the journeys even better.

Make no mistake; this has even more firepower than one would have expected from a simple merchant ship for trading!

A video gaming legend

While not every PotC video game is any good, they all feature The Black Pearl in some capacity or another. The ship has appeared in every movie, but it also ahs appeared in all of the video games – even the mediocre mobile games and Gameboy Advance games that came out in the early heyday of the series.

It’s even appeared regularly in crossovers, such as the Kingdom Hearts series among other popular video games series out there.

A new piece of history

If you are not aware, a huge part of what made PotC so popular was the original theme park ride that gave way to its popularity. However, The Black Pearl wasn’t even part of the original cast, if you will; instead, it was replaced by a ship that is only known as the Wicked Wench. We have to say that we believe that The Black Pearl is a slightly cooler name!

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