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HMB Endeavour 50cm – James Cook ship

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Hardwood display case for model ships 50-55cm

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When it comes to importance, the HMB Endeavour (or HMS Endeavour) ship certainly sits high up on the list, given its role in world discovery. Under the command of Captain James Cook, this important naval ship played an essential role in the discovery of Australia. Across a nearly three-year expedition, this ship helped to chart an entirely new course for the world that we live in.

Seacraft Gallery is now proud to offer the HMB Endeavour wooden model ship which can display her legend and indomitable spirit in your office, home or meeting room. This replica is hand built from scratch of quality wood with attention to detail.

Features of 50cm HMB Endeavour model ship:

  • Overall dimensions of the model are 50cm L x 14cm W x 45H cm 1:70 Scale
  • This ship replica is fully assembled and ready to display (NOT A KIT)
  • Entirely hand-built from timber and very detailed
  • We use high quality wood and metal for all parts, NO plastic is used
  • Cannons, muskets, anchors, decorative fixtures and intricate details are sculpted from metal
  • Gun ports actually cut into the hull. Lattice grates, rudder chains, wooden ladders and planked steps
  • Realistic lifeboats with oars and numerous other deck features
  • Sails are handmade of fine linen and rigging lines vary in texture
  • Handcrafted according to scale through original plans and pictures of the real boat
  • This model comes with a solid wood base with nameplate and a laminated sheet of the history of the HMB Endeavour ship.

This ship is also available in bigger sizes 75cm & 95cm models with more details.

About the HMB Endeavour

In 1768 Lieutenant James Cook, Royal Navy, set sail on HMB Endeavour on a voyage of exploration and scientific investigation and through his journeys, Captain Cook is considered to be one of the greatest explorers. In 1770 Captian Cook reached New Zealand where he circumnavigated and completely charted the north and south islands before continuing west. In April, he sighted the east coast of Australia and sailed north along the coast before anchoring in what he named Botany Bay. He then continued north to Cape York and on to Jakarta and Indonesia.

During the four months voyage along the coast, Cook charted the coastline from Victoria to Queensland and proclaimed the eastern part of the continent for Great Britain. Captian Cook was the first person to accurately chart a substantial part of the coastline of Australia and to fix the continent in relation to known waters. His explorations of Australia were followed up within a few years by a British expedition to settle the “new” continent. Accordingly, Captain James Cook is considered a major figure in Australia’s modern history. Numerous places in Australia, particularly on the east Australian coast and New Zealand, have been named after him or his vessel, and many of the names he gave to parts of the Australian east coast in 1770 are still used (e.g. Cape Tribulation, Botany Bay, the Whitsunday’s).

Cook’s 1768-1771 voyages in HMS Endeavour are also considered to be of general historical importance because of its great contributions to the world’s knowledge of seamanship and navigation, as well as geography. On his voyages James Cook became the first captain to calculate his longitudinal position with accuracy, using a complex mathematical formula developed in the 1760s. He was also the first to substantially reduce scurvy among his crew, a serious, sometimes fatal result of dietary deficiency on long voyages.


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