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HMAS Vendetta II (D08) Destroyer 80cm

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Hardwood display case for warships 80cm

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HMAS Vendetta II was a Daring-class destroyer that served in the Royal Australian Navy from 1958 to 1979. She was the first all-welded ship to be constructed in Australia and was also the first RAN ship to serve in a combat zone, during the Vietnam War. Vendetta was decommissioned in 1979 and subsequently served as a source of spare parts for Vampire (II), the last Australian Daring-class destroyer.

More than just a visual representation, this HMAS Vendetta model is a tangible piece of history, keeping the memories of HMAS Vendetta II alive. Every intricate detail has been painstakingly recreated, capturing the essence of this remarkable vessel. It serves as a reminder of the ship’s remarkable journey and the dedication of the sailors who served on board. Whether you are a naval enthusiast, a history buff, or simply someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, this handcrafted model of HMAS Vendetta II is sure to become a treasured possession.

Key Feature of the HMAS Vendetta II D08 Destroyer model:

  • Realistic recreation of the HMAS Vendetta II Destroyer, designed with immense attention to detail.
  • Designed and hand-crafted from scratch with real-life markings and equipment.
  • Frame built and constructed by hand, pained by hand, for the utmost realism.
  • No plastic used’ this is made entirely from wooden planks which are hand-placed.
  • Model comes with a brass nameplate on the base, and a history sheet included.
  • Size specifications: 80cm x 12cm x 25cm, scale 1:150.

The history of the HMAS Vendetta II D08 Destroyer

The HMAS Vendetta II D08 Destroyer was a Daring-class destroyer that proudly served in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) from 1958 to 1979. This remarkable vessel held several distinctions, being the first all-welded ship constructed in Australia and the first RAN ship to venture into a combat zone during the Vietnam War.

The Daring-class destroyers were a series of ten ships built for the Royal Navy, with three additional vessels constructed for the RAN. These destroyers were specifically designed for anti-aircraft warfare, equipped with six 4.5-inch guns, six 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns, and three Limbo anti-submarine mortars. Additionally, the ships boasted a Type 293Q air/surface search radar and a Type 275 fire control radar, enhancing their combat capabilities.

HMAS Vendetta’s construction commenced at the Williamstown Naval Dockyard in Melbourne, Victoria, on February 22, 1957. Her launch occurred on March 15, 1958, and she was officially commissioned into the RAN on December 13, 1958.

HMAS Vendetta’s distinguished service culminated in her decommissioning from the RAN on October 9, 1979. She was subsequently broken up for scrap, leaving behind a remarkable legacy of service, courage, and innovation.

HMAS Vendetta’s contributions to the RAN are undeniable. She pioneered all-welded ship construction in Australia and paved the way for future RAN vessels. Her unwavering commitment during the Vietnam War exemplified the bravery and dedication of the RAN personnel. Today, HMAS Vendetta remains etched in the annals of Australian naval history, a testament to the nation’s maritime prowess and the valor of its sailors.



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