Phoenix model ship
Phoenix model ship Phoenix model ship Phoenix model ship Phoenix model ship Phoenix model ship Phoenix model ship Phoenix model ship Phoenix model ship Phoenix model ship Phoenix model ship

Phoenix – carried pioneer settlers in Port Stephens (please inquire)

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The Phoenix ship, a formidable three-decker merchant vessel, had its keel laid on the banks of the Thames in 1798. In 1824, the Phoenix embarked on a voyage that would alter its destiny, as it became part of a historic chapter in the colonization of Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania). Tragically, during this journey, the ship met with misfortune when it struck the treacherous Sow and Pigs Reef within the formidable confines of Port Jackson Heads in New South Wales, Australia. The damage sustained during this incident was so severe that the ship was deemed irreparable, leading to its transformation into a prison hulk. As a prison hulk, the Phoenix played a role in the penal system of the era, confining convicts in its timeworn hull. In 1837, the Phoenix’s storied journey came to an end when it was finally broken up, marking the conclusion of a remarkable chapter in maritime history.
Despite the absence of plans and photographs of the Phoenix ship, our team conducted extensive research through paintings and books to uncover all the ship’s intricate details. A replica of this convict ship was meticulously crafted with exceptional attention to detail. This exquisite model serves as a homage to its historical significance and would make an ideal display piece for anyone with a connection to the ship’s history.

Key features of the wooden Phoenix model ship:

  • Highly impressive, ready to display wooden model ship with dimensions 75cmL x 18cmW x 65cmH in size.
  • Handcrafted using wood and metal materials with no plastic used.
  • Individual timber made for each part of the boat for that much-needed attention to detail.
  • Gun ports are sliced into the hull.
  • Cannons muskets and various other metal sections all made from sculpted metal.
  • Deck features help to add attention to detail with realistic extras such as lifeboats and steering wheel are included
  • Handmade sails with fine linen and rigging lines of various formats.
  • The model sitting atop a strong, sturdy wooden base with a name plate.
  • Fact sheet added in for making it easy to show others about the Phoenix.
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