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Pirates of the Caribbean – Black Pearl pirate ship 50cm

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Hardwood display case for model ships 50-55cm

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When we choose to sail the Seven Seas, we often choose to do so in something grandiose and safe. However, for fans of the famous Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, you might want to take more risks. The ship noted for its incredible pace and ingenuity, The Black Pearl is a work of fiction – but many captains would love to have a shot at the high.

Nigh uncatchable, so the legends say, The Black Pearl is based on the Sunset, the ship used as its proper during filming. Its distinctive all-black look makes it stand out (during the day) and spends much of its time plundering in the darkness. Its speed and power are noted, though, such as when it manages to outrun more or less any ship in the entirety of the movie series. While part of that pace is supernatural, it’s also down to the sheer number of sails that The Black Pearl adorns. We’ve made sure that this recreation, a full design of the famous Pirates of the Caribbean ship, stays true to the source material. While the famous Jack Sparrow may not be aboard, this Black Pearl model ship is one of our wooden model ships from a more creative, fantastical perspective. If you are looking for a wooden model ship with a fictional edge or simply love to collect uncommon ship replicas, this is an ideal model to start with.

Key Features of the Black Pearl pirate ship

  • A moderate size 50 x 14 x 45cm take on the ship made famous from The Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Fully assembled and ready to be enjoyed upon arrival, this is not a kit.
  • Like all of our wooden model ships, each part is carefully handcrafted with the appropriate material, with no plastic used throughout.
  • Cannons, muskets, and various other décor features are made using sculpted metal, allowing for everything to be immediately recognizable.
  • Gun ports are sliced into the hull itself, leaving a permanent finish instead of a stuck-in window effect.
  • The model sitting on top of a wooden base alongside a nameplate that makes it perfect for display.
  • Fact sheet included so that you can tell anyone interested all about the famous Black Pearl ship.

The model is also available in bigger size 75cm.

About the Black Pearl Ship

The Black Pearl is a very interesting ship, with a rich history in the series. It was produced as a merchant ship known as the Wicked Wench and was mostly used as a safe trading vessel. However, during a battle with Captain Armando Salazar, the ship’s captain, Captain Morgan, was killed – and so Jack Sparrow took command. Owned by Cutler Beckett, the ship was put under the command of the East India Trading Co. once again, before Sparrow managed to take it for himself. The ship, then, became one of the most important parts in the life of Sparrow and his crew. From helping them to find the legendary Chest of Cortes to Aztec gold, the ship managed to get through major scrapes more than once. It even managed to take on other legendary boats, including The Flying Dutchman. Take one look at this splendid ship model, and you’ll see why it is so popular.

As part of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, the ship is one of the most popular in modern cinema and fiction. She has been through its fair share of madness. As soon as you see that all-black style sailing towards you, then you know exactly what you are up against. Indeed, the Black Pearl is quite scary for those who view it in the PotC series, but it makes the perfect ship for some at-night sneaking around. While sneaking in the sea is quite the challenge, this certainly manages to do just that! The Black Pearl, though, was once known as The Wicked Wench. It was, though, destroyed and ordered to be sunk by Lord Beckett, before Day Jones and Jack Sparrow wind up raising it from the floor of the sea. Known for its speed due to the incredible number of sails attached, The Black Pearl is more than just an aesthetic finishing touch. Indeed, it’s even noted that it may be the only ship that could outrun the famous Flying Dutchman!


2 reviews for Pirates of the Caribbean – Black Pearl pirate ship 50cm

  1. Bernhard Minnen

    Great Product, Thank You.

  2. Utah Broughton

    I ordered the Black Pearl model ship and a display case for it! Arrived fairly quick for me being in Canada, and Tim was very prompt on answering my questions and making the whole transaction smooth. The ship is exactly what I wanted!

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