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Five Brilliant Ideas To Decorate Your Room With Wooden Model Ships, Boats And Nauticas

Five Brilliant Ideas To Decorate Your Room With Wooden Model Ships, Boats And Nauticas

There’s always room to add more flare and creativity to your room and make them look all the more aesthetically consistent and pleasing. And what better way to do that than to use wooden nautica decor! From Wooden model Ships to Boats, Ship Replicas, and other Nautica decor – there’s a range of options to be explored. And we’re here to help you out! In this article, we break 5 brilliant ideas to decorate your room with wooden model ships, boats and nauticas

Nautical Bliss!

If you’re looking to capture the feeling of a gleeful end to a voyage – this is the theme you want to choose. Use some model sailing yachts and preferably some vintage sailboat photos in order to really go full swing with this theme. With an upbeat interior that uses the classic colors as well as the bold patterns and designs, this nautical Bliss will really put anyone in a happier mood.  You can add some model speed boats for a more cohesive theme.

Country Realness

Bring together two of the country favourites – checked wallpaper and painted floors – and you have the perfect traditional American kitchen with an island fantasy. Make the room look dreamy with the help of some model tall ships, model speed boats, and other nautical models. You can also hang copper crockery and stencil coastal motifs onto the floor.

Nostalgic Summers

 Everything romantic, everything nostalgic and everything blue! Set up a model cruise in your room and get the full fantasy. This theme can consist of traditional white-and-blue traditional woven rugs that are flat and help bring co ordination to the lines and the bed. You can incorporate a model tall ship or some other small nautical models into the whole look, making it seem like there’s water just a few steps ahead!

Stripe Layers

This is an elegant and sombre idea that still adds more glamour to your room without looking too much. Use model tall ships for surreality and aesthetic consistency. Choose one colour and use different shades of it for the layers. For example, you can choose blue and then range everywhere from off to slate. The bottom line to pulling this out without going over-the-top? Keep the model tail ships of a bigger size and pair stripes with different styles while keeping the palette limited

Simple Styling

 If you, like many other people, don’t want to go too hard on the theme and still maintain the nautical element, this is the theme you want to adopt. Arrange a few model sailing yachts, half-hulls and model speed boats in an orderly fashion. Pair with a classic coastal color scheme – perhaps pair some yellow up with some blues and get the vibe across, without being too boisterous.

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