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Throughout the long and rich history of Australia, maritime travel has ben a major part of history. Ships and boats have brought people and to and from this island for many years, and it’s for that reason that Australia has such a rich history with ships, boats, and other forms of naval travel. It’s home to many millions of boats, both vintage and modern, and it’s home to many of the world’s finest marinas.

At Seacraft Gallery, we are proud to help represent the maritime past, present, and future of Australia. To do this, we look to celebrate the rich history of ships in Australia with a rich and varied collection of beautiful ships from across the world. From ancient Australian vessels to ships from similar time periods, we look to cover ships from all around the world in the most particular and specific fashion.

We offer free shipping on orders over $150.00 and a 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. All models must pass a 10 point quality control inspection before we ship it to you from Sydney warehouse, and all shipped items are guaranteed to arrive safely in professional packaging.

Need something specific? Then let us know. The team at Seacraft Gallery can build bespoke models of ships; just let us know what you are looking for, and we can try to make it so.

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Old Ironsides: Eagle of the Sea: The Story of the USS Constitution

Posted in Historical Ships on 02/05/2021
As one of the most famous ships of all-time, the USS Constitution is a ship that has played a key role in the development of the world that we know today. Known by many affectionately as Old Ironsides, the ship played a key role in the development of the modern United States of America. It was renowned in history for its valour and its effort in helping to make the U.S. Navy the force of…

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – Things You Never Knew About The Black Pearl

Posted in Historical Ships on 06/04/2021
As one of the most popular film franchises in modern memory, Pirates of the Caribbean has fans from all over the world. From its cheeky-chappie cast to its outstanding plotlines, PotC has a fine viewership and a loyal fanbase. However, part of what makes the movies so awesome is their awesome commitment to using the history (and myths) of ships from the history of the world. However, while it might include references to some of…

The Royal Australian Navy Fleet

Posted in Historical Ships on 05/03/2021
While today naval warfare is nowhere near as prevalent as it was in previous centuries, naval units still have a huge part to play. Whether in peacekeeping, in forming blockades, or simply offering support from afar, naval units around the world are still an essential part of warfare. However, each navy in the world has its own reputation built from years of high-quality service and sacrifice. One such navy that gets a hugely positive response…
The Brig Amity

The Brig Amity – Western Australia’s colonial history

Posted in Historical Ships on 25/12/2020
The world has long been a mystery to humanity, with recent centuries leading us to learn more and more about the mysterious world that we inhabit. However, consider what we know about the world today with all of the means of research and travel that we have – and also consider how much we have yet to learn. Think, then, about the challenges that those in previous eras would have faced when it came to…