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Key facts about two of the most famous cruise ships in the world

Posted in Travels - Cruise ships and Boats on 27/07/2020
In the world of ships, we have some pretty special boats out there in the seas of the world today. Some ships tend to get more acclaim than others, though, and that is especially true of cruise ships. Two of the most famous cruise ships in the world are the Freedom of the Seas and the Majesty of the Seas. These are two major boats which have become a key part of the sea tourism…

Anzac Day & The Gallipoli Campaign

Posted in Historical Ships on 16/04/2020
Australian and New Zealand have, for many years, shared various moments in history. As two neighbours with strong natural relations, the relationship between both countries is hugely impressive. Both nations have helped each other out in various times throughout history, creating a natural, lasting respect. A big reason why that matters so much, though, is the fact that both countries have long protected one another. When one is in trouble, the other so often rises…

Convict Ships

Posted in Historical Ships on 05/03/2020
For many people, Australians included, the history of Australia is one that isn’t necessarily well-known. Despite being one of the most powerful English-speaking nations in the world, Australia is still a relatively new country. Compared to many countries that it now completely outstrips in terms of international prestige; Australia is very much a young nation. How, though, did things get started here? Given the landscape of Australia, it’s no surprise that Australian history begins after…

The Boonah Tragedy Of 1918

Posted in Historical Ships on 02/02/2020
The HMAT Boonah was a German ship that was built in the early part of the 20th century i.e. 1912 to be exact. It was built for the Australian trade which is why it was also known as the Melbourne. In 1914, the ship was renamed to Boonah after it was caught by the Commonwealth Government. The ship suffered a lot of tragedies when it reached Australia. Woodman Point was the main centre where the…