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20 Famous Shipwrecks In Australian History

Posted in Historical Ships on 13/08/2019
The Titanic might be one of the most famous shipwrecks in the history of our world but did you that there have been thousands of other shipwrecks spread all around the world as well. Australia alone has 8000 registered shipwreck cases recorded since the 17th century. Australia has a very lengthy coastline which is why it has such a high rate of recorded shipwrecks. Out of the 8000 registered shipwrecks only 2000 have been found.…
Sophia Jane - The first steamship arrived in Australia

The First Steamships to Arrive in Australia

Posted in Historical Ships on 24/07/2019
During the mid-nineteenth century, and most notably in Western cultures, steamships and steamboats became one of the most prominent forms of transportation. This travel revolution took place on a global scale, as travel via steamship allowed goods and people to be transported at a fraction of the time that it took to sail. Prior to the introduction of the steamship, the most common forms of transportation were fueled by man, wind, and horsepower. However, each…
HMS Bounty

Why HMS Bounty Sank and Her Replicas in Popular Movies

Posted in Historical Ships on 12/06/2019
You might be aware of the fact that the extremely large replica HMS Bounty ship was designed for Mutiny in 1962. Note that, this tall ship sank off the North Carolina coast in a disastrous accident. Although, the sail was set from Connecticut with a hope that the ship could be saved by avoiding Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, the water started accumulating on the ship, and finally, the crew was ordered to abandon the ship. During…
The First fleet Ships

Discovery of present-day Australia – The First Fleet Ships

Posted in Historical Ships on 08/05/2019
The first fleet was the 11 ships that left Portland, England to start the first penal colony in New South Wales which later became the country of Australia. Captain Arthur Philip was selected to lead this ambitious undertaking on 13 May 1787 to relieve the pressure on the overcrowded prisons in Britain. The first fleet was the first settlers of Australia who founded the nation we know today. These first settlers included prisoners who were…