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Riva Aquarama 50cm (Red/White) – (SOLD OUT)

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When looking at model boats to create the right atmosphere in your office, the Riva Aquarma might just catch your eye. This boat is a fine example of rich European eloquence and elegance. Perfect for board rooms and for model boat enthusiasts, this Riva model boat is ideal for those who love classic, powerful speedboats!

Key Features of the Riva Aquarama models:

  • Dimensions: 50cm Long x 14cm Wide x 14cm High 1:16 Scale
  • Handcrafted, fully assembled and ready to put on display.
  • A recreation model boat of the Riva Aquarma with high attention to detail.
  • Plank-on-frame construction used, with individual wood strips applied on the hull.
  • Polished, smooth finish with numerous paint and varnish layers used.
  • Brass and steel fittings are used throughout – no plastic is present.
  • Design based on the plan and photos of the actual Riva Aquarama.
  • Accompanied with a wooden base for perfect display.

Riva Aquarama model boats are also available in larger sizes 70cm and 90cm.

About the Riva Aquarma

It’s safe to say the Riva Aquarma is one of the most important designs put together by the famous Carlo Riva. The name of the boat itself actually takes some cues from the Cinerama movie formats that were so popular when it was first introduced in the mid-1960s. Inspired by the old Riva Trittone, this was a boat that combined pace and beauty into one superb boat model. Add in its charismatic wrap-around windshield, and for a time this boat was like most Italian creations: an example to everyone.

The Riva Aquarma had a hull ranging from 8.02-8.72m in size. Encased in a beautiful and enriching mahogany, she was always varnished to maintain that stylish finish. It helped the wood grain to really breathe, creating a boat that stood out from the rest. With top speeds as impressive as 50 knots, too, it was powered using a 185-400HP engine set. These were made even stronger thanks to the Riva-adjusted Cadillac and Chrysler models that helped keep this so powerful.

The boat itself has had many an appearance in media and in the wider world. It was, for example, driven by Xenia Onatopp in the James Bond movie, GoldenEye, and was also seen in many other advertisements and movies throughout history.

The Aquarama, today, is still found all across the seas of Europe and the rest of the world. However, today, it’s no longer as powerful as it once was, instead using diesel engines that offer less power and pace than its predecessors. Numerous model variatns existed over the years, but each one always carried that same seal of style, significance and panache that made the Riva Aquarama a true legend of modern nautical travel.

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    1 review for Riva Aquarama 50cm (Red/White) – (SOLD OUT)

    1. Jennifer Carter

      Very very very happy with the quality of the boat!

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